Contact Lenses

Performance and Regular

The Vision Express All-in-One contact lens solution is the only solution bottle a contact lens user needs. It is a multi-purpose solution that cleans, rinses, disinfects, wets, stores, lubricates and removes protein build up

Our Vision Express All-in-One contact lens solutions are available in two variants - Regular and Performance.

The Performance Solution is highly recommended for people living or working in air-conditioned, dusty or polluted environments, as it helps the lenses stay moist and enhances wearing comfort.

The solution is available in 2 sizes- 360Ml and 60Ml.


Contact Lens Cases

Our special Vision Express contact lens cases can be used to store your contact lenses overnight. All contact lens users (except those using daily disposable contact lenses) need to place their contact lenses in a contact lens case immersed in contact lens solution for thorough disinfection after every use.

The contact lens case needs to be cleaned once in 2 weeks with warm water and air dried thoroughly before reuse. The Contact lens case also needs to be replaced once in 3 months in order to prevent buildup of bacteria and other micro- organisms that can lead to eye infections


Vision Express Rewetting Drops

Many contact lens users face dryness in the eyes at the end of the day. For enhanced end of day comfort for such contact lenses users, Vision Express rewetting drops are highly recommended. Use these drops on top of the contact lenses after wearing them on a daily basis.

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Wearing contact lenses help you maintain your natural look. However, you need to take care of the lenses. Coming directly in contact with your eyes, you need to clean them before you wear them. Even when it comes to preserving them, you should buy a lens case and store them in it. Besides, you will also have to clean the lens case periodically. When you are wearing contact lens, you will need to give hygiene precedence. To maintain the lenses, you can buy the below accessories from Vision Express

  1. Solution: The Vision Express All-in-One contact lens solution is a must-have for every contact lens user. It is useful in cleaning, disinfecting and in keeping the lens moist. With this multi utilitarian lens solution, you can also clean the protein build-up on the lens and put this solution in the lens case to store it correctly. This lens solution comes in two variants – regular and performance. If you don’t wear the lenses for long hours, then you can try the regular option. However, for those who work in air-conditioned spaces or are exposed to dust and pollution every day performance solution can be ideal. These solutions come in 360 ML and 60 ML sizes.
  2. Case: Along with using the best eye lens solution for cleaning and storing the lenses, the kind of contact lens case you choose is also important. It is essential for every lens wearer other than the ones who buy daily disposables. You can get a lens case from Vision Express and store your lenses in it using the All-in-One Vision Express lens solution. Besides, you should clean the case thoroughly every two weeks and replace it after three months.
  3. Rewetting Drops: For better comfort level even at the end of the day, the rewetting drops can be an ideal solution. Put these drops soon after wearing the lenses and experience the comfort all day long.

Get all these contact lens accessories from a Vision Express store near you. These accessories are a must if you wish to have a comfortable experience while wearing your lenses. Besides, these are also essential for hygiene purpose. Visit a store and buy these must-haves’.