Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Whether you want to change your appearance in a subtle or dramatic way, colored contact lenses help enhance your natural look by changing your eye colour. Colored contact lenses can change your look instantly for a party or special occasion without compromising on comfort for up to 12 hours.
Vision Express offers coloured contact lenses in 5 great colors - Green, Blue, Hazel, Brown and Grey. Our coloured contact lenses are available with and without vision correction. They are monthly disposable hydrogel contact lenses and can be worn for a duration of 30 days (once removed from their blister pack).

These coloured contact lenses are without power and for those people who do not need vision correction and are looking for a cosmetic new look by changing their eye colour and appearance.
These coloured contact lenses provide vision correction for people with power and are looking for a cosmetic new look by changing their eye colour and appearance.
Contact lens colour that will best suit you depends on factors like your skin tone and hair colour. 2 colored contact lenses – one for each eye - are offered at Vision Express for Rs.799 for a usage duration of one month. No additional charges are levied for users with varying powers.

Bored of the same look every day? Give coloured lenses a try. They can instantly give you a new appearance in any way you desire. Whether you want something subtle or dramatic, you can achieve both the looks with ease by just opting for a different colour lens. It allows you to change your look for every occasion and experience a new you. By merely imitating the appearance of your iris, coloured lenses can give your eyes the colour you want without obstructing your pupil and helping you see clearly.

Coloured contact lenses come in Plano form, i.e., someone without power can also wear it. Besides, there is also the option of getting prescription coloured contacts, i.e. for short-sightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia).

At Vision Express, there is the option of 5 different colours like green, brown, blue, hazel and grey colour lens. Coming with and without vision correction, the superior quality coloured lenses by Vision Express are great for those special occasions. They come in a monthly disposal pack, and you can wear it for a duration of 30 days. You can get the option of Plano, as well as Prescription coloured contacts. The Plano ones are purely cosmetic in nature, and prescription ones serve the dual purpose of cosmetic change and vision correction.