Contact Lenses
Natural look & Aesthetics: Contact lenses allow you to look natural (vs. wearing spectacles) with better cosmetic & aesthetic appeal.
Freedom: Contact lenses give you complete freedom in movement and allow you to enjoy clear vision during physical or sporting activities.
Peripheral vision: Since the contact lenses are worn directly over the cornea, they provide a natural field of vision. Contact lenses also offer superior vision as compared to spectacles.
No fogging: With contact lenses, there is no fogging when you step in & out of an air conditioned environment.
Look fashionable with Sunglasses: Spectacle wearers miss out on wearing sunglasses. By switching to contact lenses, one can enjoy the option of wearing sunglasses for better sun protection for the eyes while also increasing your fashion quotient.

Vision Express dispenses a wide range of Contact Lenses & Eye Lenses to suit your lifestyle and vision correction needs. Visit Vision Express and let our Vision Experts guide you to selecting the right contact lenses for your eye power and lifestyle needs. Whether you are a first time contact lens user or you have been using contact lenses, our Vision Experts will explain to you in detail on contact lens care, contact lens replacement and wearing schedule.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses
Coloured Contact Lenses

Our contact lenses are available in two kinds of materials

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Vision Express offers the latest generation of advanced Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses & Eye Lenses. These lenses are designed to offer you multiple benefits:

  • Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses Longer wearing hours due to higher moisture retention
  • Hydrogel Contact Lenses Highest end-of-day comfort due to higher oxygen supply
  • Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Softer, more flexible lens material that lets your eyes breathe

All these features make Vision Express silicone hydrogel contact lenses & eye lenses the ideal lenses for those who wear contact lenses & eye lenses on a daily basis for a long period of time. The unique material technology allows these contact lenses & eye lenses to stay moist naturally and also offers protection for the eyes by blocking harmful UV rays.

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