Women in Engineering: The Eyeglasses She Needs

Eyeglasses for women

It is always said by many that there has never been a better time to be a woman. But breaking this fence of thought, the woman of 21st century has shifted the whole paradigm of society’s perception of how a woman should be. Today, India is seeing a rapid growth of female workforce in engineering. The labour survey of 2017 suggested that 11% of females are working in the engineering workforce, which is a positive shift from 9% in 2015. Be it civil engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, or aerospace engineering women are achieving greater heights of success and thankfully, India is progressing towards gender parity.

Engineering often includes the commitment to long hours of working outdoor in the dusty fields, exposure to the harsh sunlight, staring at digital screens that could affect your eyes in multiple ways. Hence, it becomes necessary to understand the importance of right eyeglasses for working in the various fields of engineering. To avoid such issues, several types of spectacle lenses can be made a part of your work life as an engineer. Here's a list of spectacle lenses that you need to know of while working as an engineer.

Polarized Eyeglasses – Outdoor engineering fields: polarized lenses for women

Women in the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering and geo-technical engineering need to have to pay extra attention to detail and sometimes it gets utterly manic due to heavy construction and mechanical works. Using Polarized Lenses can save you from the exposure to sharp lights and reduce glares.

Blue Shield Lenses – Indoor fields of engineering: Blue shield lenses

Software engineering and electrical engineering requires one to work more on digital screens. The harm caused to your eyes by the blue rays emitted from the digital screens can be avoided with the use of blue shield lenses. They will protect your eyes while you work and keep you from developing an eye strain as a result of long working hours in front of the screen.

Night HD Lenses – Engineering fields of night work: night vision lenses

Marine engineer, technicians at harbors or even aerospace engineers often work late at night. In order to have a clear vision even during the night, the Vision Express Night HD lenses can come in handy. It makes night vision clearer and doesn’t get blurry during foggy nights.

Ultra-Thin HD Lenses – Engineering Fields of Research:ultra thin hd lenses

Women engineers working as researchers in the fields of biomedical and biomechanics need to wear their eyeglasses for longer periods and work with extreme precision. The ultra-thin lenses ensure they get complete comfort on prolonged spectacle usage with clear vision aided by HD lenses.

We at Vision Express understand the eye care needs of every type of profession. Apart from the above mentioned lenses, we have a range of functional yet stylish & lightweight frames that professional women would love to choose from. While women in the field of engineering go on to become the next visionaries, we feel proud in helping them to keep moving ahead with clear vision. We wish all the woman engineers a successful and a bright future on this International women in engineering day. We hope more young girls get to realize their vision of choosing the career paths of their choice.

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