Why Are Kids Spectacles Different

 Children's Spectacle Frames

Wearing spectacles can be just a minor inconvenience for children. But as a parent, when you discover that your child needs spectacles you just can’t take it lightly. It’s just not enough to get them the correct powered spectacle lenses. Selecting the right spectacle frame will also contribute a lot to your child’s overall visual experience. There are multiple reasons why kids’ spectacles needs are different from those for adults. So always keep this in mind when you’re out shopping for a pair of glasses for your young ones.

As a parent buying eyeglasses for children, you need to keep some basic objectives in mind – First of all, the spectacles should be comfortable and should fit your child’s face perfectly. Secondly, the spectacles should be durable so that they last. Thirdly, they should be perfectly safe for your child’s eyes and not break easily and cause damage. Last but not the least; they should be cool enough for your child to want to wear them.eyeglasses for kid'sSince children have smaller facial features, such as the size of the eye socket and the distance between the two eyes, kids’ spectacles are generally smaller in size.  If their spectacles are too large they will fall on the cheeks and cause pressure marks. So the spectacles should not be higher than the eyebrows or wider than the cheekbones.

But at same time, making the frame too small can interfere with the child’s field of vision. An optimum size is mandatory to ensure that there is maximum range of clear vision, without creating discomfort for the child. At Vision Express, our trained staff and eye experts would be happy to help you select the right spectacle frame for your children.

Childresn's glasses

Children’s spectacle frames

need to be constructed from durable material. Children are active and always on the move, thus having a higher risk of spectacle breakage. At the same time they need to be lightweight for extra comfort. Generally plastic materials are preferred over metallic ones for children’s spectacles, to ensure lightweight durability

A lot of children have nickel allergies. To avoid any allergic reactions, most children’s spectacle frames are made from titanium. This light, yet solid metal is suitable for all skin types and can also be layered with an anti-allergic coating.

Kid's spectacles

Youngsters have quite an active life. You need to ensure that your kids’ spectacle lenses are strong enough to withstand the high impact physical activities that they indulge in. Opting for shatter-free spectacle lenses will ensure that their precious eyes aren’t damaged. Getting Trivex or Polycarbonate lenses for your children would keep their eyes safe. These are highly impact-resistant materials and do not break easily. Additionally, these are both lightweight lenses, which allow your child to be more comfortable while wearing them and do not leave ugly marks too.

(read more about Trivex lenses) kid's eyewear

The temples and the nose bridges of all kids’ spectacles need special attention. The temples need to be tight enough to hold the spectacles in position and not let them slide off, but at the same time they shouldn’t cause extra pressure and discomfort to the child. Spring hinges work very well for children’s spectacles as they ensure durability of the frames and don’t break easily even when bent backwards.

Young children don’t have a well-defined nasal bridge on which the spectacles can rest. Therefore the contact surface of the nose bridge of the spectacle should be as big as possible, for better weight distribution. Gel-pads on the nose bridge of kid’s spectacle frames also provide a good grip on the noses to ensure that the glasses sit comfortably and do not slip off. With the help of our trained experts at all Vision Express stores, you can select the best spectacle frame that perfectly fits your child’s face.

kid's glasses frames

Youngsters nowadays are extremely picky about their appearance. Having a functional and comfortable pair of spectacles will not be enough for them. If they are not happy with how the spectacles look, they will not be regular with wearing them, which is counter-productive. Therefore, trending eyewear styles, patterns and colours from the international fashion scene need to be incorporated in kids’ spectacle frames to match them up to their current standards. At Vision Express, we have a variety of frames in bright colours and trendy designs available for your young ones to express their own vibrant style.


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