What Hairstyles have got to do with your Eyewear?

From shoulder length locks to shaggy cropped bob, change is always a good thing when it comes to your hairstyle. It instantly gives you a new look and has a feel good factor associated with it. But, what we don’t change with a new hairstyle is our eyewear, or probably don’t care to match the duo. Well, if you thought your hairstyles have got nothing to do with your eyewear, then think again. Eyeglasses are no longer for the geeks. Coming in trendy styles, colours and shapes it defines your style statement. Here, we have some seamless haircut and eyeglasses combinationsthat can do wonders to your look. 1 Wide Frame: If you want to flaunt wide frame eyeglasses, then ensure that your hairstyle does not add volume to the sides. Go for a hairstyle that gives a height effect. Vision Express In Style frames will be a perfect fit. The almond shaped frames come with a full metal body rim or sturdy acetate designs that will redefine your style quotient.


Short Frame: Such frames make a perfect combination with short hair. It balances the face and head ratio, giving you a neat and chic look. You can explore the sober yet stylish Sensaya collection by Vision Express thatcome in a wide range of colour options.

Oversized Frame: Trendy and in vogue, if that oversized frame is on your mind, then ensure a balanced haircut. Nothing too short or too long. You can try this oversize Vision Express In Style frame in the image.The full rimmed black frame with tortoise temple will complement the elegant you.There are other great options in Vision Express Miki Ninn, if colours are your thing too!   BoldFrames:Oversized, thick frames focus all the attention on the eyes. To pull offthese frames well, you need that dense haircut. If you naturally have those curls, then thick frames with square or rectangle shape are designed for you. The thick frames with multi-colour stripes make it perfect for that every day stylish look. It is the Vision Express Miki Ninneyewear collection you should look out for. Long Hair, Long Frames: Experiment with long glasses if you have long hair. It looks fitting with both loose hair andman buns. If you fall into this category, we advise you to check out Julius frames.You can even select similar styles from Vision Express 5th Avenue range at a store near you.   Eyeglasses are also considered to be fashion accessories these days and thus should be chosen in a way that adds to your personality.Browse through our chic, classy, and cult collection that will go well with your hairstyle. To explore the multitude of options click here.

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