Vision Express – Adding Value to Lives with Excellent Customer Service

Vision Express – Adding Value to Lives with Excellent Customer Service Eye care

At Vision Express, we pride ourselves on both the superior quality of our products and our smooth customer service. With over 150 stores across 30 cities in India, we are now one of India’s leading optical chain, as well as the world’s no.1 eye care experts. However, the contribution of our customer service teams all over the country is paramount in helping us reach this position.

Everyone on our staff, starting from the customer service executive to the manager, goes through extensive training sessions. Our comprehensive 6-step eye tests are carried out only by certified optometrist, for the most accurate vision correction results. We are driven by our core values of: Customer Centricity, Proactiveness, Respect & Openness, Passion to Win and Integrity. For our team, the customer always comes first, and they have proved their willingness to go the extra mile to make each and every customer feel special. Be it early delivery in emergencies or attending to a customer’s needs beyond our store timings – our team takes a personal interest in ensuring only the best of care and services for our customers.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky and grateful to have won over the loyalty of most of our customers, who swear by the excellent service, quality of products and overall value for money that they enjoy at Vision Express. Time and again we have heard words of encouragement and appreciation from our loyal customer base. But we never grow tired of it. Mr RN Bhatt is one such gentleman, who was kind enough to share his wonderful experience with Vision Express.

“At the outset, let me offer my apologies for the delay in sending this feedback.  The delay occurred partly because I was much overwhelmed by the extraordinary care provided by the Vision Express team at Vaishali, Ghaziabad, comprising M/s Pranav Tiwari, Sachin, Prakash and Rahul, so much so that I was apprehensive of not being able to do justice to it in my feedback.
Book Eye Test           It is primarily because of their efforts that my 85-year old mother, Mrs Kalyani S Bhat, is able to read again, thereby keeping dementia at bay.  The fear of dementia was tangible because she has been bed-ridden for the past five years, and lately appeared to be badly in need of a change of her spectacles, which was making her reluctant to read, the only mental activity that she could engage in.  She got her spectacles changed around the 13th of January this year.  This could be made possible only by the quantitative and qualitative extra efforts from M/s Pranav, Sachin, Prakash and Rahul - not only did they go an extra mile, they also adopted ingenious improvisations demanded by the peculiar circumstances in this case. Free Eye Test      After Mr Amit Gupta's transfer from this store (I had highly satisfying interactions with him, Mr Prakash and Ms Radhika in connection with my wife's and my eye glasses a number of times - and I had brought that to your notice too), I was not sure if that void would be filled.  However, your present team has seen to it that I do not have to worry at all on that account.  Surely, Mr Dheeraj Chawla, whom I have seen taking a keen interest in all these matters and leading from the front, must also be having a crucial role in the overall scenario. Please convey my gratitude and best wishes to all of them.” -  R N Bhat From the entire team of Vision Express, we’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Bhat for his kind words of appreciation and encouragement. We’d also like to take this moment to thank all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to make their lives easier and their vision clearer. We look forward to building many such long-lasting relationships, everywhere.

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