Vision Changes during Pregnancy, Ways to Cope & Care

Vision Changes during Pregnancy, Ways to Cope & Care

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Many changes take place, changing that girl in you forever. The hormones bring out a different you at all levels. Physically you may be expecting to gain weight, having swollen feet, nausea, back pain and sleeping troubles. Most women think about only these changes and are often caught unaware that pregnancy affects their vision, as well. The reason behind vision changes includes fluid retention, hormonal fluctuation and increased blood flow. However, most of these issues are minor and temporary, and your vision will be back to normal postchildbirth. Nevertheless, it is essential for every expecting mother to know about the possible vision changes and how to take care of her eyes.

2Dry Eye : It is one of the most common conditions that can affect a mom-to-be. A dry eye usually happens due to changing hormonal levels, which impacts tear production. A tear consists of water, mucus and lipids that hydrate the eyes. It is the lack of this tear production that causes dryness and irritation. While these hormones balance out afterchild birth, you don’t need to live with this problem even during the pregnancy phase. You can use artificial tears after consulting an eye specialist. Besides, you can also prevent it by blinking your eyes frequently, keeping a humidifier in the room, wearing sunglasses while travelling and by increasing the intake of food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.  


Blurry Vision : During pregnancy, women face the issue of fluid retention, which changes the shape and thickness of the cornea, leading to blurry vision. It goes away after childbirth or after breastfeedingstage. If these changes botheryou, then it is important to consult the Obstetrician and an Ophthalmologist. During pregnancy, you might have to wear prescription glasses, but avoid Lasik surgery or contact lenses. Most eye experts advise against Lasik surgery as the chances of success are rare during pregnancy and wearing contact lensescan cause dryness to eyes.


 Diabetic Retinopathy&Preeclampsia: As pregnancy progresses, the blood volume increases and impacts the blood vessels and eye capillaries. In most cases, it doesn’t affect the vision of an expecting mother. However, if you have diabetes, gestational diabetes or pre-existing eye condition like glaucoma, this increase in blood volume can impact the eyes. It can lead to diabetic retinopathy or develop preeclampsia. If you have symptoms of temporary vision loss, light sensitivity, are seeing spots or aura, then consult the doctor immediately as these can be signs of preeclampsia. This problem develops rapidly and can cause bleeding.


External Changes:  For some pregnant women, it is the exterior of the eyes that gets affected. They can have issues like swollen eyelids or facial tissues due to excessive fluid retention. This temporary problem can be taken care with a warm or cold compress, giving rest to eyes, by staying well-hydrated and reducing the intake of sodium in the diet.

Eye problems are common during pregnancy. Itis imperative for every expecting mother to go for eye check-up. If you are looking for some comprehensive eye test options in proximity to your home, then you can book one at Vision Express. A certified optometrist will conduct a comprehensive free eye testusing the state-of-the-art instrumentsand provide you with the most accurate analysis. Click here to book an appointment and to locatea Vision Express store near you.

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