Trip Essentials Guide for Female Travelers

Guide For Female Travelers

If your summer plans are full of outdoor expeditions, you will first need a good checklist in place for all the essentials to carry. What you carry and how organised you are will affect your overall experience and fun on the trip. So, pull out a notepad and get noting things for the best summer trips of your life to come!

1. Beach Baby

If the beach is what attracts the traveler in you the most, then packing loads of sunscreen, a straw hat, flip flops, scarf, kimono and a pair of sunglasses is a must. Vision Express Mask It are a pair of glasses that double up as sunglasses in one flip. You may choose to go for them rather than having to carry two different pairs of glasses and sunglasses.

Spectacles for women

2. Hiker chick

Hear the mountains calling? Well, it’s time to grab your bag pack, get into your hiking boots and set out on an exciting adventure. Oh wait! You might need to pack some essentials before you do so. Map and compass, sun protection, first aid kit, extra clothing, extra food and a pair of your prescription sunglasses. These shall give you the clear vision you need to enjoy every moment of your hike to the fullest.

women sunglasses

3. Outdoor Shoot Diva

The bright light in summer offers the finest opportunity to shoot outdoors. If you are going to be doing one next, then you might need to pack all your beauty and make-up essentials, personal care products, fashion clothing, footwear and accessories with a pair of your contact lenses. It will be a good idea to carry a spare pair of spectacle in case if you feel like switching back to them after a tiring day full of shoot.

contact lenses

4. Wildlife Shutterbug

The wildlife photographer in you is going to need the eye of a hawk while capturing the flora and fauna in the forest. So, make sure add HD lens spectacles to your checklist of all the things you need to carry other than your camera and its telephoto lens. Pack some extra batteries, tripods, mosquito repellent and a hat and you are all set to go!


Remember to pack only those things which you really need the most and leave behind those that will hardly serve you any purpose. Last but not the least, head for an eye test if your vision gets blurry before you leave for your outdoor expeditions, because blurry vision is the last thing you would want to carry along. Pack some passion and don’t worry about the tan for it will fade but the experiences you gather will stay with you forever.

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