Trending Geeky Looks

Trending Geeky Looks

Being geeky was never so much in style as in 2018. With new and stylish frames flooding the market, there is a plethora of options to choose from to help get your geeky look on. Whether it is the geometric frames or the simple dual tone ones, there is always a way to style yourself. We look at the top trending geeky looks and what can be paired together to get them. After all, the geeks shall inherit the world!

Shirt with a jacket

One of the best ways to get a geeky look is to wear a jacket on a shirt. Make sure the collar is opened out and the hem of your shirt peeks out from beneath the jacket. Team these up with your favorite glasses to nail the geeky look.


A fedora is just as much a style statement as it is a look that gets the geek out of you. There’s something about a fedora that turns your look into a scholarly one, bringing about the air of someone who would step into a coffee shop, open a book and read. Wear the hat with your colorful pair of Vision Express Miki Ninn glasses to truly bring out the geeky style.


A backpack is right up there with the best ways to rock a geeky look! Whether it’s a serious looking one, or a fun colorful one or a nice printed one, backpacks give you the classic student going to school look. Add to this a classy pair of Vision Express DbyD spectacle frames and you’re rocking the geek look.

vision express 2


A beanie is every geek’s favourite accessory. Wearing a beanie transforms you instantly into a nerd given that it is their go to look. Winter or not, it’s always a good geeky style to sport a beanie and complementing it with a pair of Vision Express In Style glasses is the geeky way to go.

Pinstriped shirts

Glasses go great with pinstriped shirts. The colour does not matter as long as you have one in your wardrobe. The long, closed sleeves and the patterns paired with a perfect pair of glasses makes it the go-to geek look.Now that we’ve seen what you need to wear, let’s look at the type of glasses that give you the best shot at looking geeky.


Thick Frames

Glasses with thick frames are the go-to wear for a geeky look. They are the perfect fit for different types of faces and give them a bold look that takes you right back to school.

thick frames

Round frames

Round frames cover most of the face which is the prerequisite for a geeky look. They also fit the face snugly and are perfect for people with square, oblong or heart-shaped faces.

wire rimmed glasses

Brad Pitt

Hollywood’s hottest man has always been known to sport that what’s trending. He is known to sport a variety of glasses with his different hairdos. Whether they’re aviator sunglasses or colored spectacles, he looks good in all of them.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon – Levitt has been wearing glasses from a very young age.

Naturally, this Going geeky is the way to go with nerdy fashion on the rise. Make sure you get the look right with a wide range of frames at Vision Express designed to bring out the geek in you.

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