This world cancer day, let’s vow to avoid eye cancer

World cancer day-Eye Cancer

Eye cancer is a life-threatening ocular disease! According to the American Cancer Society, around 80% of the eye tumours if treated early, get cured. This World Cancer Day let’s provide you in-depth information about eye cancer, its symptoms, common causes, treatment and prevention. In the case of cancer, early detection and the right treatment can increase the chances of survival. More than a third of the cancers are preventable, and another third are curable if detected and treated correctly. According to the World Cancer Day org, with early detection and treatment, around 3.7 million lives can be saved every year. Aligning with the theme of this World Cancer Day, #IAmAndIWill, let’s tell you about eye cancer, how one can detect it during the early stages and effective ways of preventing it.

What Is Eye Cancer?

It is a type of cancer that starts from the eyes once the cells start growing out of control. It usually starts from the eyeball (globe), the orbit (tissues surrounding the eyeball) and the adnexal (like tear glands and eyelids).

What are the Symptoms of Eye Cancer?

As eye cancer usually starts from the middle layer of the eyes, it affects the vision area that holds the blood vessels. So, common eye cancer symptoms include

  • Loss of eyesight
  • Light flashes
  • Floating black spots
  • Watery eyes
  • Poor vision or loss of peripheral vision
  • Eye Displacement
  • Size and shape of pupil changes
loss of eyesight

What are the Common Causes of Eye Cancer?

There is little known about the precise eye cancer causes. However, some studies reveal that people with red or blonde hair, light coloured eyes and fair skin have a higher chance of getting eye cancer. In some cases, a typical mole syndrome gets attributed as the cause behind it. Some people have a syndrome of getting 100 different types of abnormally shaped moles and are at a higher risk of getting skin melanoma and eye melanoma (a common type of eye cancer in adults). There is a research underway that debates if parents with such mole syndrome can pass on the risks to their children or not.

The other common causes of eye cancer are eye injury or more exposure to natural or artificial UV rays.

proper care of eyes

Eye Cancer, Diagnosis & Prevention


Regular examination of the eye is vital. It is advisable to get an eye check-up done once every year. However, if you are facing any vision-related concerns, then you should immediately go for an eye test. If the optometrist suggests further examination, you should consult an ophthalmologist. It is the early screening, which is the key to diagnosing and treating eye cancer. If the doctor notices any such symptoms during the routine examination, then it is advised that one gets an ultrasound or fluorescein angiography.

If the tumour is small, then doctors can recommend regular check-ups for details on the tumour to prescribe the right treatment. Alternatively, radiation, laser, and surgery get recommended.

Best Ways to Prevent Eye Cancer

Occupational hazards are often the cause of eye cancer. So, if you are working in a chemical plant or welding facility, it is advisable to use sunglasses to protect your eyes. Even laundry workers, fishers and farmers are at high risk. Just the way skin melanoma, eye cancer is also preventable by avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. Before stepping out, it is always advisable to apply a coating of sunblock and wear the best glasses for UV protection. It will help if you invest in sunglasses that can provide 99% to 100% UV protection. Besides, eat a vitamin-rich diet. Try to incorporate foods that are rich in various vitamins and minerals so that you get a nutrient-rich diet. Know about the superfoods for eyes from here. If you are facing any eye concerns or suffering from an eye injury, then treat quickly. Book an appointment for an eye check-up and stay assured.

Today, we know about cancer more than ever before. There are constant research and innovation taking place, and it is essential to make the most of these breakthroughs to live a healthy, happy and cancer-free life. 

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