The SPECTACLEd Bride’s Guide

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If your eyes and spectacles have spent most of their time together till date, then it must be next to impossible to imagine your wedding day without them. You can look drop dead gorgeous wearing your spectacles too! If you are planning to replace your spectacles with lenses just for your wedding day even though they are an inseparable part of your personality, here’s what you can do to rock the spectacled bride look on your big day:


Trial and error:

You don’t want to be shocked on your wedding day with your frame, outfit, makeup, jewelry and hairstyle turning out to be a complete mismatch. So, it is a wise idea to try out everything while you have your spectacles on. You might want to leave your hair down as the final look but your frame might demand a hair updo. If your frame already comes with a lot of detailing, then you might want to tone down your eye makeup. With jewelry, less is more when you are going for an eyeglass driven look.


Go glare free:

Nothing can be more upsetting than your eyes being barely visible in your wedding photographs due to the glare on your glasses. Consult your optician and get a pair of anti-reflection lenses for your frames. Ask your photographer to do a trial shoot wearing your spectacles to check for any sheen reflecting in the final pictures. Your pre-wedding photo shoot should help get you prepared to pose confidently in your frames on your wedding day.

Play the matchmaker:

Match your frame to your outfit. You can’t be wearing a tortoise shelled frame on a red coloured lehenga. If your outfit is all about golden sequin detailing, go for a frame that comes embellished with golden details. The idea is to have some charm of our outfit in your frame. You can also find Swarowski studded frames these days (Check out the Vision Express Sensaya capsule collection at a store near you,  and they can be a perfect match to your diamond jewelry. If you want to make a bold statement you may go for a colorful quirky frame but your outfit and makeup should be able to balance it out. If your style is minimal then opt for elegant frames and ask your makeup artist to keep your eye makeup less dramatic.


Pick the right eye makeup:

Eyeglasses can serve as perfect eye makeup enhancers. They will draw all the eyes at your wedding to your eyes and help accentuate the eye makeup look all together!  If you choose to go for thick frames, tone down your eye makeup, but if you go for slim rimmed or rimless frames then go dramatic with your eye liner. Add some falsies and apply a lot of mascara and your spectacles will do their job of making your eyes look absolutely captivating!

If you are not comfortable in lens, don’t think twice before going for a spectacle look on your big day! Eyeglasses are super comfortable, can make you look stunning and the style statement that you would make will set a trend for all your friends to follow! Dare to be the different bride and flaunt your eyeglasses with panache.

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