The Rising Impact of Diabetes on Millennials & Gen Z

Diabetes On Millennials

The Millennials, the generation mostly associated with the early adaption of technology, is the term used for people born between early 1980 and mid-1990. The Gen Z, aka the internet generation is said to be born post mid-1990. Although there is no official agreement on the timelines, we see both these generations tied together by a few common health concerns. One of them being diabetes, which not only affects overall well-being but the health of the eyes as well.

The Millennials, Gen Zs & Diabetes A disease that was afflicting older adults a decade ago is now steeply rising among the younger population. According to the 2017 data of the Indian Council of Medical Research, “one in every four people under the age of 25 years have Type 2 Diabetes”. A condition that develops among older adults with a family history of diabetes, lack of physical activity, obesity or unhealthy eating habits is getting common among the young. The worrying trend is that most people diagnosed with diabetes are overweight or obese. There is a shift in the lifestyle of the “smartphone generation”. Sitting jobs, easy cooking and snacking on packaged meals is often not a choice but the only option. It is this lifestyle that is making them the largest segment of any society suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Regulating the impact of Diabetes When obesity goes unchecked for long, it increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. However, new reports indicate that this form of diabetes is reversible with lifestyle change and weight loss. Even 5% weight loss helps in managing this condition and changing the medication course. Rather than succumbing to a sitting and eating lifestyle, it is essential that the millennials & Gen Z switch to healthy eating habits, take up some form of physical activity and manage their blood sugar levels efficiently.

Along with these lifestyle changes, it is equally important to go for regular blood tests to check the sugar level. Another challenge is that diabetes goes undiagnosed in most people leading to other health complications. If not diagnosed timely, that oscillating blood sugar level can affect other vital body organs like heart, eyes, kidneys, and liver. It is often the reason behind strokes, kidney failures, cataract and diabetes retinopathy.

Diabetes & Eye Health

The risk of developing certain types of eye diseases increase if you have diabetes. When the sugar levels build-up in your blood it can negatively affect your eyes leading to blurry vision, diabetic retinopathy, cataract and glaucoma. The risk of diabetic retinopathy remains high in people suffering from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. When the sugar levels increase, they affect the shape of eye lens leading to blurry vision.  However, most of these eye diseases are preventable. If you want to reduce the risk of these eye concerns, then regularly monitor and control the blood sugar levels. Along with it, you should also maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These can also increase the risk of eye diseases and loss of vision.

To maintain the optimal blood sugar levels and to reduce the risk of eye diseases, it is vital to switch to healthy eating habits, regular exercise, limit the intake of alcohol and quit smoking. Besides, it would help if you regularly go for an eye examination. Most of the diabetic eye diseases have no symptoms in the early stages making periodic eye tests a must. When you go for a comprehensive eye check-up, the ophthalmologist can examine your retina, optic nerve and changes in the vision. These measures can go a long way in managing diabetes and in preserving your vision.


Pledge for Regular Health Check-Up

It is essential that the millennials and Gen Zs change their lifestyle and go for regular health check-up’s. This World Diabetes Day, pledge to prevent this from affecting your life. There are also various start-up’s that are helping people treat diabetes the effective and practical way. However, prevention is always better than cure. So, go for periodic health check-up’s and take care of your body. Every health check should include an eye examination too. Your eyes can tell a lot about your health. If you are looking for a certified and thorough eye examination, then you can rely on Vision Express. They can conduct a comprehensive eye test and advice with the best eye care and eyewear solution for your needs.

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