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Blog 4 As you layer-up and dress warm this winter, don’t forget to layer your eyes too. Eye care during winters is as important as staying cosy and warm. The dry indoor air, warm heater air and harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause eye dryness and irritation, making it a pre-requisite that you take preventive measures to enjoy a healthy vision through the season. Following are some of the factors that impact your vision during winters. #1. The Dry Air, Outdoors: As the temperatures drop and the air becomes colder, the humidity levels drop. The cold air cannot hold this atmospheric water vapour causing dehydration to eyes and skin. As this dry air starts circulating, your eyes tend to become dehydrated and dry, causing much irritation. Blog 4.jpg 2 #2. Indoor Air is Equally Dry: It is not only the air outdoors, but even inside the car and home the air tends to get dry. The warm air from indoor heaters is even more dehydrating causing dryness and soreness. #3. UV Radiation: The UV rays during winters are just as harsh as the summer months. So, each time you step out, especially in the day time, remember to wear your sunglasses, which offer protection against UV rays. In the long run the pro-longed exposure to these rays can cause serious eye issues including cataract. Exposure to this dry air inside, out and UV radiation is unavoidable for us, but some preventive measures can go a long way in taking care of your vision. Here, are some winter eye care tips. bog 4 3 #Tip 1. Keep your Eyes Moist: You will need to run room heaters to stay warm. So, bring home a humidifier that will improve the dry indoor air condition and not cause dryness of the eyes. Moreover, avoid sitting directly in front of the room heater. Likewise, when you sit in the car, direct the warm air towards your feet instead of the face. In addition, there are also car humidifiers, which will improve the air quality inside the car. Other than this, you can also consult an ophthalmologist and ask for moisturizing eye drops. These drops instantly provide relief. Blog 45 #Tip 2. Sunglass Shield: In addition, each time you venture out during the day time remember to carry your UV protection sunglasses along. It is an instant and easy way of shielding your eyes against the harsh UV rays. So, check if your sunglasses, come with UV protection. Otherwise, you can check Vision Express sunglasses here. Choose the sunglasses with UV protection and take care of your vision with modish shades, this winter.
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#Tip 3. Wear Eyeglasses: Moreover, become regular in wearing your spectacles. The smog, which is a resultant of very cold weather and pollution, leads to a range of eye discomforts from simple irritation to severe allergies. Apart from cold compressions and use of eye drops, wear your eyeglasses regularly. Looking for stylish frames that blend with your personality? Then, you are sure to find the best pair for your eyes from a range of spectacles at Vision Express. To view the frames, click here. In addition, ask a Vision Express Optometrist for UV protection lenses and give complete shield to your eyes. So, take care of your eyes this winter season with these tips. Vision Express is committed to providing you clear and comfortable vision all year long. For any product related queries, please leave a message in the comment section and to reach our optometrist click here. You can book an eye test and have a comprehensive eye examination at a Vision Express store near you.

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