Couple Goals- Colour Coded Eye Wear

Have you as a couple ever tried the colour co-ordinated look? It’s fun and helps you connect when in a relationship through colours. From famous couples of Bollywood to those in Hollywood everyone is totally into this trend. Swipe your Instagram feed and you would find plenty of couples sporting the colour co-ordinated look. But […]


Contact Lens vs Eyeglasses

Picking the right companion for your eyes can be a tough choice. It has been debated for long and has left many confused. There is no clear winner in the tussle between the two because it is purely a matter of personal preference. Depending on your lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and style the choice could […]


EyeWear Fashion Review 2017

The New Year calls for a new look. What better way to get one than with a fresh new pair of eyeglasses? But before you set out to shop one, you need to know which styles are in trend. Here’s a quick throwback to the styles that ruled 2017 in eyewear fashion and some of […]