Switch Between Your Looks With Coloured Contact Lenses


Our eyes speak volumes about our personalities. In fact, many researchers have documented the relation between eye colour and the perception of a person to others.

No matter what eye colour we are born with, coloured contact lenses can help us try different looks and flaunt different styles. Let’s take a closer look at five of the most common eye colours and coloured contact lenses to help you choose which colour is for you! Get Warm Brown Eyes With Brown Contact Lenses brown

The colour brown represents warmth, dependability and loyalty. People who have brown eyes emanate a sense of responsibility and empathy. When people look into warm, brown eyes, they feel a sense of ease towards the person. They consider them as a friend who can be trusted wholeheartedly.


Brown contact lenses can make your gaze friendlier and endearing. It can help you connect more with people, who can look into your eyes and see the positivity - immediately forming a deeper connection. Get brown contact lenses from Vision Express and embrace the gentler side of your personality.

Get Ethereal Eyes With Blue Contact Lenses blue

Blue is a very soothing colour that appeals to almost everyone around the globe. Blue eyes are considered the epitome of beauty. People with blue eyes are instantly appealing and it lends an almost angelic appearance to them.


Blue contact lenses can immediately brighten your look and give your face an ethereal appearance. Get yourself blue coloured contact lenses from Vision Express and adopt a more charming and attractive persona.

Get Sombre Eyes With Grey Contact Lenses grey There is something very sombre and mysterious about the colour grey. People with soulful grey eyes can hold raven like power with their gaze. Grey eyes add a very intense vibe to your appearance and gives your personality a magnetic appeal. grey-eye

Grey contact lenses can immediately add such intensity to your gaze that people who look into your eyes get captivated by their depth and strength. These coloured lenses from Vision Express can add a layer of gravitas to your whole appearance and help you keep it classy.

Get Bright Eyes With Green Contact Lenses green

The colour green is associated with vitality and youth. It is fresh and appealing in all its forms. People with bright green eyes tend to have a jovial and fun-loving personality, who can brighten up a room with one look and a smile! Their bright green eyes are very expressive and speak volumes through their youthful and mesmerising gaze.

green-eye Get green contact lenses from Vision Express if you want your vibrant personality to shine through your eyes. Your beautiful green eyes will brighten up your face as well as the day of people who meet you. Get Sensuous Eyes With Hazel Contact Lenses hazel

There is always a rustic element associated with the colour hazel. It is the perfect amalgamation between green and brown. People with hazel eyes have sensuous personalities that alternate between each other just like the hues of the colour. This adds grace to their personas and makes them look extremely desirable.

hazel-eye Vision Express also offers hazel coloured contact lenses that are capable of adding another dimension of sensuality to your personality. With these contact lenses you can finally welcome your inner diva and glam it out.

So which of these personas do you want to adopt with these coloured contact lenses today? Visit a store near you and try out which suits you best!

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