Couple Goals- Colour Coded Eye Wear

Have you as a couple ever tried the colour co-ordinated look? It’s fun and helps you connect when in a relationship through colours. From famous couples of Bollywood to those in Hollywood everyone is totally into this trend. Swipe your Instagram feed and you would find plenty of couples sporting the colour co-ordinated look. But […]


Pantone colour of 2018 is out! Top Eyeglass picks to stay in trend.

Mystical, provocative, thoughtful and intriguing such is ultraviolet, the Pantone 18-3838 colour of the year. It stands for counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. The colour is known to convey originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that looks at the future. At an individual level the colour is supposed to be full of emotion, non-conforming, encouraging experimentation […]


EyeWear Fashion Review 2017

The New Year calls for a new look. What better way to get one than with a fresh new pair of eyeglasses? But before you set out to shop one, you need to know which styles are in trend. Here’s a quick throwback to the styles that ruled 2017 in eyewear fashion and some of […]


Protect Your Eyes from the Harmful Effects Of Blue Light

Neha is an independent working woman based out of Bangalore. Her days are filled with a lot of hustle and bustle – the most stressful part being the to and fro from her workplace. She thanks her stars that her office is far from the brimming metro city and fortunately has a tranquil atmosphere. However, […]


Why Are Kids Spectacles Different

  Wearing spectacles can be just a minor inconvenience for children. But as a parent, when you discover that your child needs spectacles you just can’t take it lightly. It’s just not enough to get them the correct powered spectacle lenses. Selecting the right spectacle frame will also contribute a lot to your child’s overall […]


Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle Lenses   Spectacle Lens materials: Materials for spectacle lenses must comply with the following optical characteristics: Good optical homogeneity High luminous transmission Low scattered light creation Chemical resistance Temperature resistance Good mechanical resilience Mineral / Glass material Lenses: Glass lenses are the oldest material used for spectacle lenses but rarely used today as it […]