Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses, the Difference and the Definite Advantages

If you have chosen contact lenses as your eye care solution, you can be reassured of your choice – close to a billion people across the world use contact lenses. Contact lenses are miniature prescription lenses, that float close to the tear film of the eye. Do you wear contact lenses every day for extended hours? Then using the advanced silicone hydrogel contact lenses can be helpful. These lenses provide the much-needed comfort that you desire when wearing contact lenses for long hours and it can also keep infections at bay.

Highly permeable, these soft and pliable contact lenses fit perfectly adhering to the cornea which allows adequate tear exchange preventing toxins from building-up. Besides, these lenses minimise the deposit build-up on the lens which happens regularly. Thereby, making lens wearing experience a truly comfortable one.

Read on to get an insight into this latest range of contact lenses, how they can make a difference and take better care of your eyes.

silicone hydrogel

The Difference

The regular hydrogel contact lenses are made of plastic and are dry and the moment you pour some contact lens solution on them, they become soft and supple. However, the silicone variant is different from the normal hydrogels as they can provide up to 5 times more oxygen permeability. This immediately increases your comfort level while taking better care of your eyes. Moreover, your eye health is no longer dependent on the amount of water in each contact lens. Adding to the experience is the wettability of the silicone hydrogel contact lenses. As they stay moist, you will not experience dryness even when you wear these lenses for long hours. Instead, you will experience a better comfort level.

The Definite Advantages of Silicone hydrogel

When you wear contacts, do you sometimes complain of dry eyes? This is because every contact lens reduces the level of oxygen that can reach the eye surface. It often leads to hypoxia that causes problems like red eyes, blurred vision, corneal swelling and general discomfort in eyes. The condition of hypoxia can also increase the risk of eye infection in people who wear contact lenses.

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The Silicone hydrogel contact lenses got introduced to answer such eye problems among contact lens wearers. By increasing the oxygen supply to the eyes, it greatly reduces the risk of hypoxia and related concerns. Moreover, they are designed to let you wear them for long hours without experiencing any discomfort or causing any damage to your eyes. These contacts are perfect for those who must wear them for extended hours. Besides, if you have issues of dry itchy eyes after wearing contact lenses, then its time you give this silicone variant a try.

The Misconception

There are several fallacies doing rounds regarding Silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Among others, some people have linked it to eye allergies, redness, discomfort and itchy eyes. However, most of these issues could be due to a change in the contact lens solution or a new contact lens. Some people also suddenly start having a feeling that there is something in their eyes that is distracting them or causing discomfort. This is not a problem. Instead, it is a positive feature of silicone hydrogels. With more oxygen passing to the cornea, the cornea maintains the natural sensitivity making the lens wearer aware that they are wearing lens. It will also work as a natural reminder to remove these lenses at bedtime.

Silicone Hydrogels Contact Lenses

Should you Switch to Silicone Hydrogels Contact Lenses?

If you wear contact lenses every day, everywhere, then switching to Silicone hydrogels is ideal for your eyes. Most of the ophthalmologists and optometrists also find it a useful invention for the health of your eyes as it significantly reduces the risk of hypoxia-related problems. However, if you are planning to switch, then do consult your eye doctor before taking the decision. Once the doctor recommends, you can come to a Vision Express store and go for a free trial of Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses. Only after experiencing the comfort, you can buy the monthly disposable kit of these lenses and take better care of your eyes.

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