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You might be taking decent amount of breaks regularly to ensure that your body gets the rest it needs, but are your eyes relaxing enough? The eye is a vital organ having extra ocular muscles controlling movement of eye and eye lids. Like all other muscles they need good amount of exercise, special care and rest. If you give them the breaks they need on timely basis, their fitness can earn you a lifetime of good vision! Also, if the optic nerves in your eyes are well rested, then they would further relax your nervous system and subsequently, your whole body. So, don’t take them for granted and follow the tips mentioned below to ensure your eye muscles and nerves get enough rest:

Lights off:

Darkness is the best friend of your eyes when it comes to resting! Turn off all the lights, shut out any light from entering the room and then close your eyes. This will keep your optic nerves from being stimulated by external stimulation. While sleeping, facilitate the rest you provide to your optic nerves by wearing an eye mask to bed. Also, relax your mind to keep away the images that keep flashing even with closed eyes. Your eyes will be able to rest better this way.

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Palm therapy:

Remove any lenses or spectacles that you may be wearing before you practice palm therapy. Rub your palms to warm them up. Place your palms by cupping them slightly on the tissues around your eyes rather than directly on your closed eyes. Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly. While you do so, remember to relax and immerse in the breath you inhale and exhale. Meditation should help you relax further as your cup your palms on your eyes. If possible, place pillows behind your back and support your arms while doing this. Practice it daily by taking 5 minutes out of your busy schedule at work and feel the difference with relaxed eyes.

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Just lie down:

Another great way to rest your eyes is to just lie down when you can. If possible, cover them with a soft fabric. This should make them feel extremely comfortable. Get into a relaxing position either by lying down on bed or sitting in a recliner. You can also try the ‘Dead-Man’s Pose’ of yoga by lying down on the floor. Try to imagine that there is complete darkness as you close your eyes and try not to doze off.

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In this digital era, when working for long hours in front of computer screens is unavoidable resting your eyes become very important to avoid eye strain. If you rest your eyes well, the benefits it can offer will multiply to a great extent. While Vision Express has your back with Blue Shield lenses and Relax view lenses for the times your eyes have to see better, start practicing these tips to rest your eyes too. Remember that fit eye muscles are one of the secrets to a lifetime of healthy vision!

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