Have You Heard Of Prescription Sunglasses?

LINK As spectacle wearers we have all struggled with the limited options of sun protection for our eyes. It’s always been an “either or” decision, especially when stepping outside in the day. It’s either clear vision or sun protection. Either you put on your spectacles and sacrifice on sun protection or you discard the spectacles for sunglasses, in which case you lose out on visual clarity. Powered or Prescription Sunglasses aims to solve just this problem. For those of you who don’t know, these are sunglasses that are fitted with tinted lenses with the same prescription power needed to correct your vision. Now let’s talk about why Powered Sunglasses will help you with both sun protection and clear vision. blog-1 Since UV damage of your eyes and the surrounding skin is a more gradual and unobtrusive process, we tend to overlook it most of the time. On the other hand, blurred vision can be quite obtrusive as it hampers our daily life by making it harder for us to see. Having poor eyesight is definitely more noticeable and we tend to prioritize it over UV protection. With Powered Sunglasses, you need not compromise any more. That should not be the case. The harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun are known to cause irreversible damage on our eyes. The UVA rays can damage the macula, which is the part of the retina at the back of your eye, whereas the UVB rays can damage the cornea and lens of your eye. Prolonged exposure to both these harmful rays can cause macular degeneration, which, if unchecked, can lead to blindness. Other harmful effects caused by these UV rays are cataract formation, pterygium formation, skin cancer (on the delicate skin around your eyes and on your eyelids) and corneal sunburn. Our extensive sunglasses collection at Vision Express are all equipped with tinted lenses that protect your eyes from 100% of all UV rays. Spectacle wearers can avail most of these sunglasses with Powered Sunglass lenses. blog-2 Imagine spending a day at the beach with your friends or family. It’s bright and sunny and you have your sunglasses on. But you can’t quite enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean in front of you because your vision is blurred. You can fix that by taking off your sunglasses and putting on your spectacles instead, but then that would leave your eyes unprotected against the harsh UV rays of the sun. Avoid this dilemma by carrying along a pair of Powered Sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses protects not only your eyes, but also the delicate skin around them, which is susceptible to damage. The natural coverage of the Prescription Sunglasses is larger, which naturally means more protection for your eyes and the surroundings. Sunglasses will also add to your fashion quotient and help you accessorize your look. blog3 Visit our website to find out which sunglasses from our extensive collection can be fitted with powered sunglass lenses. You can even get your personal sunglasses to your nearest Vision Express store for a consultation, to see if they can be fitted with powered sunglass lenses.

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  1. I have powered sunglasses..and it is so perfect…for me.When i m on trip with my family..it gives me holiday feeling..vacation mood and perfact vission for indoor and outdoor location.

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