Power through Life with Powered Sunglasses

Sunglasses have come a long way, from when they were first used by Chinese judges in the 16th century to help keep a poker face during trials. They have become today’s trendiest accessory with high functionality. With the recent introduction of powered or prescription sunglasses into the eyewear game, the functionality quotient has doubled.

  The world before Prescription Sunglasses prescription sunglasses  

For decades people with impaired vision or poor eyesight have struggled against the harsh sun. On one hand there is UV protection on the other is vision correction – which one to choose? You can’t wear spectacles AND sunglasses at the same time! Spectacle-wearers had even resorted to using clip-on tinted lenses to fight the glare and the sun. This was seriously dampening the style factor, not to mention being extremely inconvenient.

Merging the two – Power move Mens sunglasses

Powered or prescription sunglasses is an incredible idea to help spectacle-wearers keep the sun out of their eyes. Not only will these sunglasses have tinted lenses to protect your eyes, but they will also provide vision correction for poor eyesight.

Different from Photochromatic Glasses women sunglasses

The similarities between photochromatic glasses and prescription sunglasses begin and end at tinted vision correction. Prescription sunglasses, being sunglasses, can only be worn outdoors or in bright light conditions indoors, but photochromatic glasses can be worn anywhere, anytime.  Photochromatic glasses are light sensitive and they turn dark when they are outdoors and in hot conditions. The advantage Prescription Sunglasses have over Photochromatic lenses is the effective UV protection they provide from the harsh sunlight. Additionally Photochromatic lenses do not ‘darken’ as much as sunglass lenses, which is why prescription sunglasses are recommended for higher outdoors use.

Also sunglasses frames tend to be larger than spectacle frames. Thus prescription sunglasses also provide additional protection to the sensitive under eye skin from the sun rays.

Why go for Prescription Sunglasses this summer? sungalsses for men & women

A good pair of Powered or Prescription sunglasses will help you see better without having to compromise on UV protection. Since UVA and UVB are the most harmful radiations from the sun that cause skin damage, eye damage, and even cancer, the lenses on good quality prescription sunglasses can block 100% of these harmful UV rays. The lenses are also engineered to provide the best vision correction as required for your eye power.

Prescription Sunglasses will not just block the UV rays but also prevent glare on exceptionally bright days. These anti-glare, UV-protected Sunglasses with powered lenses will help you get the highest degree of vision correction, with minimal error.

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