Pantone colour of 2018 is out! Top Eyeglass picks to stay in trend.

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Mystical, provocative, thoughtful and intriguing such is ultraviolet, the Pantone 18-3838 colour of the year. It stands for counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. The colour is known to convey originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that looks at the future. At an individual level the colour is supposed to be full of emotion, non-conforming, encouraging experimentation and pushing boundaries of creativity. As all the designers take note of it and the colour goes on to define global trends in 2018 here’s a lineup of top eyeglasses you could pick to stay trendy this year!

1. The Mystique Cat Eye

While picking a frame in the ultraviolet colour, try to pick one that holds the essence of what the colour communicates. For instance, a mystical, printed cat eye frame like this Vision Express Sensaya that beautifully captures the mysteriousness of the cosmos can make you look an absolute stunner. Adorn it and it will leave you feeling like you own the two trends of ultraviolet and cat eye that are here to stay!

Sensaya Eyeglass Frames

2. The Charming Rimless

A functional, comfortable, charming pick that suits your everyday routine could be this Vision Express DbyD frames with abstract print in ultraviolet. The half rimless design with a touch of abstract ultraviolet print is the most flawless way of staying in trend with utmost comfort!

DbyD Eyewear

3. The Edgy Square

If you are willing to experiment and go all out sporting the ultraviolet trend, you might want to pick this Vision Express Miki Ninn square frame. Dipped in the shades of the latest Pantone colour of the year, it is bound to give you an intriguing look! The square shape and solid colour make it one of the best eye glass picks this year

Miki Ninn eyewear

4.Patch of The Night Sky

Ultraviolet also symbolises the limitless possibilities that lie ahead like the vast night sky. This makes the Vision Express In Style frame with night sky print the trendsetting eyeglasses pick on this list! It will up your style quotient and open up endless possibilities of pairing it with a number of outfits.

Spectacles for Men and Women

If you wish to explore more such pair of eyeglasses that will help you make a style statement in the colour of the year, then visit us here! Also, let us know in comments which out of these styles are you eyeing to own?


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