Switch Between Your Looks With Coloured Contact Lenses

Our eyes speak volumes about our personalities. In fact, many researchers have documented the relation between eye colour and the perception of a person to others. No matter what eye colour we are born with, coloured contact lenses can help us try different looks and flaunt different styles. Let’s take a closer look at five […]

Everything you need to know about colour blindness

Contrary to what the name suggests, colour blindness is actually a deficiency in the way some people are able to view colour. Colour blind people can still see as clearly as other people, depending on their eye power. However, their perception of certain colours is hampered because of a genetic deficiency, and in some cases […]

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Carrots cannot do it alone!

According to popular belief, carrots are considered to be a “superfood” that can boost your eyesight to give you 20/20 vision. However, a diet rich in carrots alone cannot reverse optical conditions like astigmatism and glaucoma. There are various other foods from the plant and animal kingdom, which when consumed regularly, promotes good eye health. […]

7 Eyeglasses That Are “Fashion” Approved

Gone are the days when we hesitated wearing spectacles to the first day at college or at a new job. The fear of getting tagged as “the geek” or “the nerd” is fast fading, when fashionistas around the world are flaunting enviable looks in their eyeglasses. When it comes to fashion advice, we intrinsically turn […]