One Stop Guide to Take Care of your Favourite Eyewear

a Everyone loves to enjoy an unhindered view of their world. A clean and clear lens is therefore the preference of all spectacle wearers. It becomes all the more important when it is your favourite sunglass or eye glass. Other than a better and clearer vision, by taking care of your eyewear you increase its shelf-life too. So, to ensure that your eyewear remains your companion for a long time, while giving you clearer view, here is your one stop guide:   Cleaning the Eyewear To clean your glasses and frame, first make sure that you wash your hands properly as there are chances of the dirt or lotion passing on to the eyewear. Now to clean the glasses, put it under running water preferably, lukewarm. Then, take little mild dishwashing liquid on your fingertip and clean the glasses, nose pads, and end of temples. Thereafter, rinse it thoroughly with no trace of soap and dry using a lint-free, cotton or micro fibre cloth.   images-1 Cleaning the Glasses, While Travelling When you are at home, the above way of cleaning is ideal. But, when you are travelling the best way of cleaning the glasses is by using an eyeglass cleaner and micro fibre cloth. Protecting the Eyewear Once you clean the eye wear it is important to protect them too. Keep the pair in a protective case when not in use. If you don’t have the case handy, then put it upside down on a flat surface. Moreover, each time you remove the glasses, use both hands to avoid those bents and curves. d Accessories for Eyewear Care To take care of your eyewear, you need the below accessories
  • Protective Case: It is a must to keep your glasses safe and smear-free. Buy a hard or padded case to protect your eyewear against scratches and breakage. Vision Express eye wear comes with good quality and designer cases to help you protect your spectacles.
  • Micro Fibre Cloth: Each time you need to clean your glasses, only use a micro fibre cloth. Keep it accessible, so that you don’t end up using your T-shirt or tissue paper for cleaning your frames.
  • Storage Clip: Get a visor installed in your car, where you can keep your glasses safe and secure. But, as far as possible, avoid keeping your eyewear in your car.
Cleaning Glass, DON’TS This brings us to an important aspect of what you should not do ensuring your glasses stay clean and scratch-free:
  • Avoid keeping your eyewear in your car, especially during summers and that too on the dashboard as it can damage the lens coating.
  • Likewise, to protect the lens coating never clean your glasses using household or surface cleaner.
  • If you are in a rush situation, still don’t use the shirttail or any other cloth to clean the glasses. It becomes all the more important when the lens is dry as it will scratch it.
  • But, please don’t use saliva either to make it wet for cleaning purpose.
  • Other than this, using tissue paper or napkins can not only scratch your lens, but will also leave them with lint.
  • Along with the above, never put specs on top of your head as it will get misaligned. You can rest it on your nose, instead.
Use the above means to have your favourite eyewear grace your eyes for a long time. If properly taken care, your spectacles can last longer and you can enjoy a crystal clear view, always. Planning to buy spectacles? Then, come visit a Vision Express store near you or browse through the collection here. Get European design sunglass and eye glasses made of superior quality materials at unmatched prices.

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