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link_1 At Vision Express, we believe in maintaining high standards of customer service and quality eye care. This is the reason behind our continuous training to inculcate the same vision in all our employees. Our teams are the exemplification of superior customer service. Their utmost dedication in providing every single customer with thorough and correct information with complete support in every aspect of eye care is a matter of organisational pride for us.   Starting from our in-store service to our post-sale customer care, everything is directed towards making every one of our customers feel special and satisfied. This service orientation and dedication often elicits high words of praise and appreciation from our customers.   fam Mr. Soumya Acharya was one such customer. He walked in to the Vision Express store in Phoenix Market City Mall, Pune, wanting to buy a couple of sunglasses for his wife and himself, but he walked out with so much more…   Let’s hear about his experience at Vision Express from Mr. Acharya himself -     “Dear Sir/Madam,   With due respect I would like to let you know that just few weeks ago I purchased a couple of sunglasses for my wife & myself from the Vision Express store in Phoenix Mall, Pune. This was my second purchase from Vision Express, and I wanted to notify you about the service & product quality that we were provided.   As we know that for any organisation, its employees are its best resources through which it can retain its name & fame. The human resources make sure that the organisation generates more business through its various channel partners or may be directly.     Having said that, I was deeply amazed to have met such an awesome employee - Lawrence, who has been very helpful throughout the full operation. The way he conducted the entire process impressed me and assured me that I was in the right hands. He guided me through the entire process of getting my sunglasses. This included testing my eyes  and getting the right power in order to make the prescription sunglasses. He also made sure that I understood every step by explaining all the medical terminology in layman terms. He made sure that I remained confident about the process & what the end product is likely to be. And believe you me when I got the sunglasses delivered to me, I could not believe my own vision.   The view through the sunglasses was clean and more than perfect. Everywhere I looked was clear. I was so damn impressed that I could not thank him enough and wanted to let you know about this nearly breath taking experience I had with him.   He was professional, knew the subject matter very well, courteous, ever smiling and the best part is he was an honest individual. I would again like to get back to Vision Express for any eye related matter & don’t mind recommending it to other people either.   I am sure that an employee like him should be treated well. He was true to his profession & I would like to wish him all the very best in his personal & professional life.   With that being said, I wish “Vision Express” all the very best. I am sure that an organisation like yours is very much eager to capture the most of the Indian Ophthalmic market with the true spirit of an expert and I am sure that employees like Lawrence would make your dream a reality in the not so very distant future.   Once again, a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Thanks & Regards   Mr. Soumya Acharya”     1   Employees like Lawrence are one of the biggest reasons why we have been able to emerge as global leaders in eye care services with millions of loyal customers spread over 30 cities in India, across 160+ stores. We applaud his undying spirit of meticulous service.   Last, but not the least, we would take this opportunity to pen down our gratitude to Mr. Acharya, for taking time out of his schedule and showering us with his valuable feedback and glowing words of appreciation. Such encouraging words keep us motivated to deliver improved service every time. We are sure that this is just the start of a long and beautiful customer relationship journey between Mr. Acharya and Vision Express.   We would love to serve you again, sir.    

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