Make Up Tips for women in EYE glass

Women Eye Glasses make up tips

Wearing glasses is the new cool. It is a fun and chic way of making a fashion statement and setting the new trend. With plenty of trendy, colourful and stylish glasses, the girl with glasses is no longer only the geek, rather they are becoming the talk of the town. But, the girl with glasses feels cautious to put on the right make-up or simply avoids it, thinking that eye glasses would take the effect away. Well, let us break it for you! Make-up is a visual art and eye glasses add a new dimension to the way you apply it. So, next time you plan to wear eye glasses for work or clubbing accentuate with these important make-up tips and set your style.

Contour it Right: The concealer and foundation are a must in makeup for glass wearers. Glasses give a deeper look to your eyes and lenses can magnify your dark circles. This makes it important that you apply a concealer to take care of the dark circles. In addition, glasses cast shadow on your eyes, so you need to lighten up the area near your nose and under eyes with a lighter foundation. Contouring right is also indispensable if you wish to highlight the cheekbones.

Women Eyeglasses Frame the Brow: Your eye brows frame your eyes and glasses, so you need to have them clean and in the right shape. If you have big and bold glasses, then have the eye brows thin and shapely. While, with a light frame go for a full, defined eye brows.

Women Spectacles Play with Colours: If you thought keeping it simple is the right makeup for woman with glasses, then you need to try a bold and colourful look to believe it. Infuse a red or pink in your vanity box. Apply a red lipstick with bold frames for that balanced look or pink with a rimless frame to achieve that contrasting effect. Keep alternating between a balanced and contrasting look to experience a new you, every now and then. Likewise, when it comes to choosing the eye shadow colour, let your frame colour be the guide. But, for the liner choose a shade lighter, then the frame.

eyeglasses for women Make the Eyes Noticeable: Eye glasses make your eyes look bigger and you can still make them look more noticeable with the right eye makeup for glasses. Apply some shimmer on the lower lid or smudge along to make your eyes more conspicuous. You can also try the smoky eyes, which look gorgeous with the glasses. Simply, double the eye liner to have the smoky eyes visible. If make-up visibility seems to be an issue for you with eye-glasses, then bring the eyelash curler to your aid. It will open your eyes beautifully and make them look truly gorgeous with the glasses.

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Don’t Forget the Blush: When you wear spectacles with make-up, complete your look with a red or pink blush. Smile and apply it along the apple of your cheeks and enjoy a natural, chic look.

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Along with these makeup tips for glass wearers, it is essential that you opt for cool, colourful or chic frame to achieve the look. If you are looking for such trendy frames, then view the collection of Vision Express here. Our exclusive Sensaya frame collection for women is sure to set you apart. Likewise, for that girl next door look, the Vision Express D By D can sure be your companion. But, if you wish to set the trend with something new and colourful, then the Vision Express In Style and Vision Express Miki Ninn collections are meant for just you. Along with the glasses, buy the lenses with anti-reflection coating to reduce glares and reflections. To view the spectacle lenses range click here.

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