Let’s Get Nutty! 5 Nuts to Include in Your Diet For Improving Eye Health

Nuts to include in our Diet for Improving Eye Health

So we know that green, leafy vegetables and certain fish help in improving our eyesight, mainly because of their high nutritional value. But did you know that certain nuts can also help boost your eye health? Other than being vital in your weight loss diet, nuts also contain essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain good eye health. Let’s find out the healthiest nuts to have to get good eyesight.

1. Almonds

Almonds for healthy eyesAlmonds have high curative value, one of which is improving eyesight. Try munching on a handful of almonds daily to get better eyesight. Almonds have healthy fat that works wonders in strengthening eyesight.

If you don’t want to eat raw almonds, you can make a mixture of almonds and fennels seeds, by grinding them together, and having with a glass of milk before going to bed every night. The combination of milk, almonds and fennel seeds can be quite yummy and good for your vision as well.

2. Brazil nuts (Trikonphala)

Brazil Nuts improve eye healthBrazil nuts are especially known for their high Selenium and Vitamin E content, which can improve your overall eye health. It maintains overall cell membrane integrity of the mucus layers and protects the eyes from harmful oxygen free radical, thus delaying cataract formation in your eyes.

Brazil nuts have high fat content and can easily go bad. That is why they should be stored only in cool places and consumed while they are fresh. Having 2 to 4 Brazil nuts every day is sufficient enough to improve your eyesight and your immune system

3. Cashew nuts

Cashew nutsOur eyes suffer through macular degeneration with growing age, which can be accelerated by the sun’s UV rays. Cashew nuts help in slowing down age-related macular degeneration of our eyes, because of its high zeaxanthin content, which is an important carotenoid.

It’s best to have a handful of cashew nuts every day. Not only vision, but cashew nuts can also assist in weight loss, as they have high amounts of healthy fat which improve the metabolic rate of the body.

4. Hazelnuts

Hazel Nuts boosts eye healthHazelnuts are rich in Vitamin E, which is vital for eye nutrition and health. With regular intake of Hazelnuts, your body gets its regular dose of Vitamin E, which can reduce the nuclear opacefication in the eyes by 50%. Hazelnuts can also reduce the chances of cataract formation in your eyes.

Just one ounce of hazelnuts everyday provides your body with almost 21% of its daily Vitamin E requirement.


PeanutsPeanuts contain healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy retina. These nutrients also improve brain function, which indirectly leads to better vision. Peanuts also help in reducing dry eyes.

Peanuts are the best things to snack on between meals. Not only are they beneficial to your eyes and skin, they also contain healthy fats that assist in weight loss.

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