Keeping an eye out for Eye Expressions

“Eyes are the windows to the soul” We have all heard that phrase so many times. Whether eyes can provide a glimpse into the inner recesses of our souls or not, they still do say thousand words. We can often read a person by looking into their eyes and try to see what they are telling us. In case you can’t do that, here are some guidelines to help you read people’s eyes better.
  1. Rolling their eyes
Rolling eye Eye rolling is a symptom that affects those who are highly sarcastic. If you encounter an individual, who is generous with the sarcasm and irony, then you can expect to get eye-rolled at. That eye roll basically signals their frustration with life in general and should be your cue to escape before you get pulled into the pit of their cynicism.  
  1. Raising their eyebrows
Blinking too fast People raise their eyebrows for many reasons. The phrase “raising eyebrows” means doing something so outrageous that it shocks society or people in general. But it’s not just during moments of surprise or shock that people raise their eyebrows. People raise eyebrows in moments of disbelief, skepticism, and even when they acknowledge each other.  
  1. Blinking too fast
  Blinking too fast If someone you’re talking to starts blinking too fast, then it’s probably because they are nervous or tensed about something. It could also mean that their eyes are feeling irritated because of dust or pollen or any other particle matter that entered their eyes. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start assuming that you make people nervous. Maybe it’s just dust.  
  1. Shifty eyes
Shifty eyes Shifty eyes are a great way of finding out whether a person is lying or not. So the next time you question your boyfriend whether or not he is being faithful - watch his eyes. If he avoids eye contact and has a shifty look in his eyes, then chances are that he is lying.  
  1. Puppy dog eyes
Puppy dog eyes When someone’s eyes go all big, gooey and sad, and they start giving you the most adorable pout, then you better beware because you’re getting the puppy dog eyes treatment. Only the strongest men and women can stand the full blast of that look. If you ever find yourself at the receiving end of one of these looks, then be prepared to give in to whatever demands are coming your way.
  1. Squinting
Squinting People squint all the time – in doubt, in suspicion, in sadness, in deep thought, and in few other instances. The art of squinting, however, comes in most handy when you are trying to see something clearly. It can be a clear sign of a person needing an immediate eye examination.    

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