Keep an eye out for these Olympic Sports!

The Rio Olympics 2016 has been a whirlwind ride so far - memorable pictures, quirky interviews with athletes, and the overall victory of perseverance and talent all around. The steadfast vision of these athletes has the entire world at the edge of their seats and watching with bated breath.

Olympic athletes need to be at the peak of their health just in order to be able to participate. They need to have incredible stamina and strength and unfailing perseverance. Even steady hands and tiger-sharp focus and eyesight are a needed in many of these sports. Let’s take a closer  look.

  1. Archery

In Archery, having a clear view of the target will improve the chances of the arrow hitting the mark by a huge margin. The clear line of vision required for the perfect aim comes only from having steady eyesight. It also depends upon a lot of other factors like hand-eye coordination, good balance, and upper body strength.

  1. Golf
Keep An Eye Out For These golf

Golfers have to keep their eye on multiple things before taking their shot. They need to be aware of the position of the ball, they need to be able to judge the gradient of any sloping surface, and they need to always keep one eye on the goal. The most perfect golfing stance and the smoothest backswing can all fall short if the golfer is unable to absolutely pinpoint the target.

  1. Shooting
Keep An Eye Out For These shooting

Perhaps no other sport in the entire Olympics roster puts as much stress on a 10/10 perfect vision as shooting. In this sport, the person needs to take aim by focusing the far sight of the rifle at the perfect angle on the target. This means that they need to have excellent vision for both near and far off objects. Other than a clear eye, they also need to have a steady hand, excellent core and upper body strength and hand-eye coordination.

  1. Badminton
Keep An Eye Out For These Badminton

All forms of racquet sports require steady vision and good hand-eye coordination skills. However in Badminton, the net is placed almost 5 feet above the ground. This requires the players to have almost near-perfect vision so they can see through the glare and hit the shuttlecock as it is soaring across.

  1. Tennis

Although this sport has quite many similarities with badminton, it is played with a ball and a tennis court is far bigger than a badminton court. The overall nature of the sport is more dynamic, which means that the players need to be much more observant and have a lower reaction time. A steady eye on the ball and solid hand-eye coordination are musts for the sport of tennis.

  1. Table Tennis
Table Tennis

A game of table tennis is much more faster than all the other sports that require concentration and good vision. This is why the first rule of table tennis is Watch the Ball. An unfaltering eye on the ball, minimal reaction time, near-perfect hand-eye coordination and a complete control over the body is required to be able to succeed in this game.

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