Jungle Safari Must Have- A Good Eyesight!

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Done freezing a destination to visit during your summer holidays? Is jungle safari on your itinerary? Well, apart from putting a safari hat, shoes, camera equipments, binoculars and suitable clothing on your packing essentials list, make sure you don’t forget to add good eyesight too!

You will encounter a number of the following on your jungle safari and eyesight will make the best sense to carry in these circumstances:


Seeing incredible moments like -

  • Rare species of butterflies
  • A baby snake
  • Rare and endangered birdies on tree tops, the colours on their feathers
  • The miniature flora and fauna
  • Spotting lion cubs at a distance amidst grasslands
  • An insect hatching out of an egg
  • A unique spider weaving a cob
Jungle safari  

A jungle safari can be full of incredible things to be seen along with some of those you may need to watch out for, especially when you are on a walking safari. You will have to be careful about what you step on, what might cross your way or even what you may end up touching. A lot of times these could be dangerous creatures, wild flowers or leaves that can get you in trouble. If you have a clear vision in place, it will save you from landing yourself in deep water.

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So, before you head out for a jungle safari, make sure you book an eye-test. A pair of Vision Express prescription sunglasses can help you see clearer and keep you protected from UV rays at the same time. If you are thinking to capture some wildlife shots on your professional camera, wearing contacts can be an ideal choice but make sure you carry your spectacles as a backup. Vision Express Activ frames are a great pick for your outdoor expeditions as they don’t tend to slip over your ears. Since, having to carry a pair of sunglasses and glasses can be a hassle, consider going for Vision Express Mask It, it goes from being glasses to sunglasses in one flip.

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Go fully prepared keeping all these tips and guide in mind for your jungle safari and have one of a kind experience, worth cherishing for a lifetime!

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