How Important is your Eyewear While Watching Movies?


Movie watching is becoming a different and an exciting experiencewith 3D, VR, 4K and smart TV access on your fingertips. The new wave of technologies and easy access to the latest movies call for movie watching sessions not only in cinema hallsbut at home and out under the stars too. You can now search for your favourite movies on different applications and platforms, and treat yourself to it anytime. However, while watching movies,the right eyewear is a pre-requisite. It is essential to have a clear vision to revel in a film and to protect your eyes. Along with the dialogues, the expressions of the characters is an integral part and to appreciate the art completely you should be able to watch it clearly and strain-free.

prescription glasses Frames & Movies

Your frames should be your companion for those movie dates. Whether you are planning a movie night at home or going to the theatre, you should not leave your prescription glasses behind. Comfortable and relaxed, they must accompany you when you plan those movie nights. Pleasedon’t succumb to a blurry movie-watching experience, instead watch it clearly without straining your eyes with prescription glasses. Moreover, wearing glasses is the new cool too. They are an extension of your personality and can make a great fashion statement. You don’t need to wear them only when you are home alone. Instead, buy a pair of glasses that blend with your personality and accentuate your looks and wear them all the time.

Contacts & Movies 3D glasses

But how do you wear glasses when you have to watch a 3D movie? With the inception of 3D TVs and more 3D movies in the making, you can’t deny yourself to the 3D thrill just because you wear glasses. Settling for the 2D variant will definitely not do justice to you if you are a movie aficionado. Wearing 3D glasses on top of your prescription glasses is an option. However, it may not be convenient. Instead, you can rely on contact lenses. Comfortable, they will not get in the way of your 3D movie watching. They will settle on the curvature of your eyes providing you with a wider field view and help you in wearing 3D glasses and enjoying your movie unobstructed.

HD Contacts & Open Air Movies HD Contacts

If you like to experiment with your movie watching experience, then the newest idea of pop-up-cinemas can excite you. Imagine the new wave of technologies and easy access to the latest movies call for movie, watching sessions not only in cinema halls but at home and out in the parks and open spaces too.

If this sounds exciting and you are looking for such unique film screening options in your city, then before you head out for one, get a pair of HD contact lenses. Designed for that extra comfort and high oxygen transmission, they are the perfect solution for a glare-free and clear vision experience. You can wear these contacts throughout the day and watch an open-air movie at dusk, and still, enjoy outstanding comfort.

women spectacles Eyewear by Vision Express

To have an ecstatic movie experience, you can choose a Vision Express eyewear to accompany. Stylish and suave, the D BY D collection is the perfect embodiment of fashion and functionality. You can wear it at all times and every day, and feel at ease. Made of durable materials and coming in an array of colour and shape options you can stay up-to-date and comfortable with D BY D spectacle glasses.

Along with frames, there are contact lenses too. If you like the natural look, freedom of movement and want to enhance your style statement, then choose from the daily disposable, monthly disposable and coloured contact lens range. These can be your ideal frills when you are heading for a 3D movie. You benefit with vision correction and can comfortably wear the 3D glasses for an action-packed movie experience. To know more about our spectacles and contact lenses, you can visit a Vision Express store near you. Click here to locate a store, get the right eyewear and enjoy your movie!

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