How Facial Expressions Make a Difference To Your Speech

How Facial Expressions Make a Difference To Your Speech

As a public speaker, the facial expressions that you make will be as important as the words you pick to make an impact with your speech. While you may be pro at picking the right words for the speech, you may have to learn to keep your facial expressions under control. It is these that help build credibility as a speaker and allow you to express your emotions better. The listeners will be able to connect with you and be attentive towards what you say, if your eye movements and facial expressions are right.

1. Eye expressions

How you control your eye expressions is an important aspect to consider while being a speaker.Eye focus plays a vital role to help you come across as a sincere and credible speaker. A good public speaker would know how to make the audience laugh, how to build a rapport with themand add to their understanding using eye expressions. He may give them a special look, or asideways glance or simply raise an eyebrow to convey the same.

eye expressions

2. Speaker’s smile

The smile of a speaker can convey his feelings, his passion regarding the topic and how he regards the audience who are listening to him. At times, the pressure to deliver a speech to a large group might get to you and you may end up making expressions that make your audience lose interest in paying attention to you. Smile from the start, remember to greet your audience with a smile and then on smile whenever necessary during the speech. Try not to smile all through your speech because that might make you look like an over enthusiastic speaker.

speakers's smile

3. Practice sessions

Your facial expressions will have to be loud in case if your audience is seated far away from where you stand. Try practicing at home in front of mirror by getting as expressive as you can while you rehearse your speech. You might want to practice what expression you would make with respect to different emotions. This will help you gain a better control over how you communicate with your expressions while showing happiness, sadness, anger, fear, shock, surprise and love.

practice sessions

Eye and facial expressions are one way to convey your emotions and message without using a lot of words. So, be more expressive in order to send out your message directly to them. Nothing will connect better with them than your expressions. Take care of the most expressive part of your face , your eyes with The World’s No.1 Eye Care Experts , Vision Express , India.

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