How does contact lens aid your VISION

Contact lens If you have been living your life in contact lenses you would know of the comfort they bring to your everyday vision. The daily disposable ones offer more hygiene as they are less prone to bacteria or protein build up. They do away with the need for everyday storage and cleaning. While contact lenses are so much convenient to you, let us tell you how they aid your vision.

Contact lens for vision correction:

Contact lenses are worn directly on the cornea and hence, help you get a natural field of vision. They also give superior vision as compared to spectacles. They help correct your vision by refracting the light entering your eye and focusing it on the retina. Depending upon what kind of refractive error your eye is experiencing, the type of contact lens you would need changes. These errors and their respective contact lenses are mentioned as follows:
  • Myopia (Nearsightedness)
If you are able to see what is near to you clearly but the objects at far appear blurry, then you have a myopic vision. The Vision Express daily and monthly disposable contact lenses are ideal to correct your vision under this condition.
  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
In this, you would experience the reverse of myopia, the objects at a distance will appear clear but those near to you will look blurry. The Vision Express monthly use contact lens kit or the daily disposable ones work to improve your vision in this case. daily and monthly disposable lens
  • Astigmatism
The Vision Express monthly disposable contact lenses come in the toric variant which is apt to correct vision in this condition in which the shape of cornea or the lens of your eyes is irregular. The toric lenses are structured in a particular manner to be able to provide vision accuracy and stability.

Contact lens for appearance:

A cosmetically appealing variant of contact lenses are the coloured ones. You can use them to help enhance your appearance by picking from a variety of colours like blue, grey, brown, green and hazel. Be it for a party or a special occasion, they help you to get a quick makeover with proper comfort for up to 12 hours. Disposable Contact lenses Do you know about Silicone Hydrogel Lenses? Contact lenses made of Silicone Hydrogel material are your ideal pick to safeguard your eyes in a number of ways. Silicone Hydrogel Lenses offer the following benefits. silicone hydrogel contact lenses Optical stores have great variety of contact lenses to cater to your lifestyle and vision correction needs. When visiting Vision Express, do remember to ask your optometrist about contact lenses, who will guide you through the product to suit your needs the best. So, feel free to switch to contacts to enjoy utmost comfort and convenience.

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