How Braille Has Made The World More Beautiful


Confined within six simple dots, lies a miraculous world of Braille language that brings vision at the fingertips of the blind people around the world! Ask any blind person who has the knowledge of Braille and he will tell you that he cannot go a single day without it. That is the power of Braille in the life of a blind individual.

If not for Braille, the world would be to the blind what it would be to clear sighted individuals with no numbers mentioned on lift keys, no labels on CDs, no sign boards on platforms, no items on the menu or even no names printed on medicines. What a chaos life would mean then? Thanks to Braille, it makes everything visible to the blind eye. There have been stories around the world where people could pursue learning to play guitar and piano because of Braille music. Some could continue to embrace their love for reading and writing while some could just lead an independent life all by themselves.


It is interesting enough to see how Braille touched small aspects of life making the whole journey simpler to the blind. They can label clothes with colours and avoid a fashion faux pas. They can label jars and avoid accidentally feeding themselves something altogether different than what they wish to. They can carry Braille sheets around so they don’t have to memorise everything. These sheets can also help them maintain a collection of most important information which can be accessed easily at any moment. Braille markings have made it easier for the blind to commute around platforms. Braille line has made a significant number get technologically savvy by enabling them to use computers like a pro. They can now access mails, check spellings, spacing and format or even look up information on the internet with the help of it!


Braille has enabled the blind to “see” again and made life beautiful for them! It has made them independent and secure by helping them in every walk of life! They can accomplish the toughest of tasks from beginning to the end without having to wait for anyone to come and help them out. Thanks to Louis Braille, who invented this gift for the blind in 1809 due to which they all can overcome their disadvantage and turn it into their strength! We at Vision Express celebrate the joy of having a vision in life, that has been brought to lives of millions by this visionary.

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