Haemophilia and Eye Care

Haemophilia and eye care

The term usually used is “bleeding disorder” instead of a “disease” referring to Haemophilia where a person lacks or has low levels of “clotting factors” and hence, the blood doesn’t clot as a result. The three forms of Haemophilia A, B and C with poor, exaggerated and abnormal blood clotting are congenital. Meaning they are present from birth. One of the upsetting and most known ocular complications is loss of vision. Bleeding can occur in the tiny blood vessels in the white part of your eye during the case of an injury or when carrying the deficiency. Since, very rarely people feel pain at the onset of Haemophilia, the signs of having an eye bleed when:

  • You fall victim to an injury near the eye
  • You feel pain around the eye
  • Swelling
  • Peculiar change of colour occurs in or around the eye
  • Having a double or blurred vision
eye care What you need to remember:
  • The bleeding must be stopped or it may cause severe pain and in extreme cases, even loss of eyesight.
  • Redness is a sign your blood vessels in the eye are bleeding and it calls for immediate action.
  • When there’s heavy blood loss, your eye balls may be pushed forward and shutting your eyelids may become a problem. This may cause infection if not treated.
  • Focus on staying calm and with keeping in mind the severe outcomes, provide your eyes the care it needs.
How to treat and prevent eye bleeds:
  • The instant response when you face the symptoms is to consult your doctor who may refer you to a specialist.
  • One way to reduce the swelling and feeling that certain relaxation is by holding an ice pack onto your eye.
  • Wearing protective glasses while in the outdoor and keeping away from too much dust, fireworks and sharp objects is something one needs to take care of.
  • Call your ophthalmologist or your general physician immediately.
Eye test

Curable or not, Haemophilia is what hampers a human’s life to a great extent. On this day, Vision Express urges you all to support those millions of people across the world who face this ailment each day of their lives and wish to let you know that you are not alone!

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