Guide To A Fret Free Summer For Spectacle Wearers

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While summertime calls for a lot of fun with a game of volleyball at the beach, a pool party or a trip to an amusement park, that’s not how it ideally looks like to spectacled people. Come summer, a lot of their real life struggle kicks in with prescription spectacles and makes it hard for them to keep up with the fun vibe of the season. Here’s how they can bid adieu to all those struggles and begin to enjoy summer just like everyone else!


1. Beat the glare while reading outdoors

Trying to read with your glasses on, out in the sun is out of question! So, how do you enjoy a swing in the hammock reading your favourite novel during your summer break? Fit your spectacles with the Vision Express Tinted lenses. They keep the glare out giving you increased and relaxed viewing while at the same time protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Tinted lenses


2. Flip to sunglasses from glasses smoothly

Why would you carry two pairs of eyewear, glasses and sunglasses when just one can have you covered for the two. Vision Express Mask It is a unique product, which will help you make that switch with one flip of sunglasses on your glasses. You may also try the Vision Express Photochromatic Lenses that darken when you are outdoors and go back to normal when you are indoors. They also shield your eyes from UV rays.

3. Say hello to sunglasses even if you have eye power

If you are concerned to wear sunglasses in summer because they mean spending a day out in the sun with blurry vision due to your eye power then turn to Vision Express Prescription Sunglasses. They will let you have the best of both worlds without having to give up your love for sunglasses.

Summer For Spectacle Wearers

4. No more slip offs for your spectacles due to sweat

Sweating can cause your spectacles to slip off your nose and having to adjust them back every 20- 30 seconds can get annoying. You may not be able to give your best in that game of volleyball by the beach. So, fix them back in place at once with Vision Express Activ frames, the solid grip of which will keep them from slipping off and allow you to score some points in the match!


5. Curb all the other hassles with contact lenses

The sun can give you tan lines under the temples of your glasses, the sweat can cause you to clean them over and over again, or the chances of you losing them while you are at an amusement park could want you to ditch your spectacles for a while. Don’t think twice to do so and embrace Vision Express Contact Lenses for such times.

  contact lenses

Summers are for fun, make sure you enjoy every bit of it despite having eye power. Follow this guide and let nothing come between you and your fun. Happy summers!

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