EyeWear Fashion Review 2017


The New Year calls for a new look. What better way to get one than with a fresh new pair of eyeglasses? But before you set out to shop one, you need to know which styles are in trend. Here’s a quick throwback to the styles that ruled 2017 in eyewear fashion and some of which are predicted to be in vogue even in 2018! So, take a look and get your eyes ready to meet the style of their life!


A style that was in all year ‘round’

2017 saw a comeback of the round shaped eyeglasses. The trendsetters, influencers and fashion police were seen picking those in metal, acetate and even in mixed materials. Soon it became a trend for all to follow with unisex styles coming into the picture. This effortless style is not to go out of trend anytime soon and you may see more of it this year too!

round shaped eyeglasses

The comeback of classic aviator

The metal aviator eyeglasses were another big eyewear trend in 2017! While golden rimmed sunglasses had been around since 2016, the silver rimmed eyeglasses became a huge trend only in late 2017. Fashion bloggers clubbed them with their chic attires and now they have gone on to become an indispensable part of every eyewear collection!

aviator eyeglasses

Rise of the wireframes

2017 saw blacks and browns being replaced by metal wireframes and mixed variations in tortoise glasses. Millennial pink became a fashion staple and neutral, natural tones took center stage in eyewear game.

metal wireframes

Overall 2017 was all about reemergence of retro eyewear with a contemporary touch to them! It was a year of styles reinvented from the past and rethought to meet the fashion requirements of today. While many of these continue to rule eyewear trends in 2018 too, you may check out the latest European designer frames at your nearest Vision Express store or visit www.visionexpress.in

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