Eye Yoga Workouts to improve Vision

Everywhere we look these days, we see yoga. It has basically managed to take the world by storm, thanks to its widespread results. Every single organ or part of your body can benefit from yoga. Your eyes are no exception to that. Most of us sit in front of a computer or laptop all day long at work. When we are not working, we are staring into our mobile phones or tablets. All this can cause much harm to our physical well-being and health. Our spine, shoulders, digestive and metabolic system – they all suffer. Even our eyes suffer due to this sedentary computer-age lifestyle. Staring into a computer screen all-day stresses our eyes out leading to deterioration of eyesight. We need to actively take care of our eyes, and here are some fun eye yoga exercises to help us achieve that.

Exercise 1: Eye stretching

10 You need to warm up before any workout, and the same applies for eye yoga. Look straight head, then up, then down, then left, then right, all at intervals of 2 seconds. Then start rolling your eyes in a wide circular motion.

Exercise 2: Palming

5 Rub your palms together till they become warm. Then place them gently on your closed eyes, till all the heat from your palms get absorbed into your eyelids and then gently remove your hands.

Exercise 3: Focus switching

7 Hold your arm out in a thumbs-up position. Keeping your gaze on the tip of the thumb, slowly bring it close to your nose until you can no longer see it clearly. Hold for a bit and then slowly stretch your hand out to the previous position.

Exercise 4: Distance gazing

8 Relax your eyes and let your gaze rest on any distant object, preferably out of a window, something pleasing, like a bird or a flower. Drink in the view then languidly shift your gaze to another distant object.

Exercise 5: Blinking

6 Focus your gaze far off, open your eyes wide, and blink 10 times. Then keep your eyes shut for 20 seconds and then repeat the process. For people who regularly work on computers, it is also recommended that they follow the rule of 20 when taking breaks. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for a total of 20 seconds, in order to give your eyes the break that it needs to de-stress.

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