Eye Test Before Your Child Goes Back To School

How to know that your kid needs an Eye Test before they go back to school?

All children love summer vacations! The goofing around in the cool water of the swimming pool, the fun and games with friends, the endless ice-creams and cold drinks – what's not to like! But all that is about to end once schools start opening up after the vacations. Ensure that your kids go back to school in the best of their health, by taking them for a complete health checkup. An eye test before school starts is of the utmost importance, because poor vision can hamper their academics and also cause headaches and other problems for them.

  Early Detection is a blessing Eye test

When it comes to vision problems in children, early detection is a blessing. With an early diagnosis of what is going on with your child's eyes, you are well-armed to tackle the problem at the root. In these initial stages, the damages to their eyes can mostly be reversed by proper care and treatment options. This is why young children need to be taken for regular optical exams, every few months, preferably twice or thrice a year.

  Symptoms of Vision Problems to look out for in Kids Eye infections

You should always keep an eye out on your children and their behaviour, as it can be an indication of health issues. These symptoms will help you understand when it is time to take them for a visit to the ophthalmologist and get their vision checked out.

  1. If they are complaining of frequent headaches
  2. If their eyes are looking red or tired or watering excessively.
  3. If they are having trouble focusing on objects that are too far off or to close by.
  4. If you see them rubbing their eyes constantly or complaining of an itching sensation
  5. In case of conjunctivitis or any other eye-related infectious disease
   Precautions to prevent Eye Damage in Children Eye glasses for children's

To nip all forms of eye damage in children in the bud, you can take a few precautions. Make it a habit for them to wear good sunglasses whenever they are outside in the sun. Try to prevent them from going out into the midday sun, i.e. from 10am to 4pm. Layering on the sunscreen, especially on the delicate skin around their eyes, will also block the UV rays from targeting that area and damaging it.

  How to deal with Eye Problems in Children? Children's Eye test

The first step to take when you suspect vision problems in your child, is to take them for an eye exam before school starts, especially if they already have vision correction. Even if you're child isn't showing any symptoms that he needs any form of vision correction, it's better to be on the safe side and just take him along for an eye test just in case. If they are above 12 years old, then you can get that done at the Vision Express store itself. For younger kids, it's recommended to consult an ophthalmologist.

  Glasses for Children who need Vision Correction Eye correction

Sometimes, when there exists prominent eyesight damage, your child might need vision corrective glasses. Because of their developing facial structure, it is best to keep in mind certain rules that will help them see the world better, without any other added difficulties that might come with wearing glasses.

  1. Plastic moulded frames, with no nose pads are best suited for children.
  2. Shatterproof plastic MR or polycarbonate material lenses should be fitted on children's glasses
  3. Since kids' noses are still not fully developed, you need to get them glasses with the correct bridge fit
  4. Because of changing face shapes in growing children, glasses need to be changed regularly, at least once a year, for a better fit.

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