A Closer Look at How Contact Lenses Work

People who make the switch from spectacles to contact lenses can vouch that the improvement is significant. Although a good pair of glasses will minimize  your vision correction and give you almost near-perfect vision, there is something to be said about the 360 degree clear-vision and utter comfort that a pair of good contact lenses […]

5 Delicious Smoothies for Healthy Eyes

Smoothies are easy to make, yet effective in getting a lot of necessary nutrients in one go. You can use all the important ingredients you need into a blender and get a delicious yet healthy smoothie. Smoothies let us eat healthily without spending much time eating at all! You can use different fruits and green […]

Let’s Get Nutty! 5 Nuts to Include in Your Diet For Improving Eye Health

Nuts to include in our Diet for Improving Eye Health So we know that green, leafy vegetables and certain fish help in improving our eyesight, mainly because of their high nutritional value. But did you know that certain nuts can also help boost your eye health? Other than being vital in your weight loss diet, […]