Eye Care Tips For Bloggers And Internet Users

Technology has brought in a new era. With the increase in usage of the internet and the advancement of technology, there is a complete change in the way people are working and living their lives. Picture your day – you walk into the office, remove your power sunglasses and stare at the computer screen all day for work. Even the last thing that you see before heading to bed at night is a screen; then there is a good chance that you are a blogger. Even if you are not into blogging, you will end up spending a significant part of your day working on the tablet, computer or smartphone as such is the nature of most jobs these days. The internet era has given birth to a generation of constant internet users and contributed to the rise of bloggers. However, staring into gadgets and screen all day can leave your eyes distressed. Thereby, it is essential that you take care of your eyes even more if you are a regular internet user or blogger by profession. Below are some eye care tips, which you could imbibe in your daily routine for healthy eyes.

Adjust computer screen to maintain good eyesight

Adjust Computer Screen and Font Size:

As a blogger, you must be spending most of your day working on a computer. So, it is advisable that you adjust the computer screen at 40-76 cm distance from your eyes. You can also tilt the top of the monitor at 10-20 degrees angle from the eyes. If you sit too close to the computer screen, you will experience more eye strain and temporal headaches. So, maintain the recommended distance and posture for eye health. If positioning the screen at a distance makes it difficult for you to read or write, then increase the font size or zoom. This way it will be easy to read even as you sit back.

Wear your Spectacles while using gadgets

Always Wear your Spectacles or Contacts:

If your eyesight is weak, you must always wear your spectacles or contact lenses. When working on the computer wearing glasses with UV Blue a Shield lens is advisable. This is primarily a must for bloggers, who spend hours in front of the computer and phone screenwriting and editing pictures. If you are into blogging and continuously exposed to harmful blue light emitting from the screen, then it is imperative to wear spectacles with blue shield lens and protect your eyes.

Sunglasses for eyecare

Prescription Sunglasses, When Working Outdoors:

The work of a blogger sometimes demands being out under the sun for a significant time of the day. If you are a fashion or travel blogger, you must be travelling for shoots or for attending events. It is during such time that you get exposed to harmful UV rays. However, your eye power shouldn’t necessarily stop you from wearing sunglasses. The problem aggravates if you are not comfortable wearing contact lenses. If you encounter such issues, then prescription sunglasses can come to your rescue. You can protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, wear stylish frames to meet your style while enjoying the perfect vision.

Frequent Short Breaks for distressed eyes

Take Short but Frequent Breaks:

When working on the computer screen for long hours, it is vital to take frequent short breaks. If you can manage to stare away from the screen and walk in the passage even for a few minutes, it will be helpful. Besides, when you can take a 15-20 minutes break, then step out of the office building and stare at the green zone. You will get some fresh air and reduce eye stress by increasing the blood supply of the body. However, remember to wear your prescription sunglasses before stepping out.

Intake more water for eyehealth

Increase Water Intake:

Drink water for healthy skin, hair and vision. When you keep sipping water while working on the laptop, it can reduce puffy eyes. It also improves the look of the eyes and overall vision. So, increase your water intake and benefit manifold. You should start to keep a bottle of water on your desk and have it handy throughout the day.

Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises:

The way your body feels good after those stretches in between work, even your eyes will be relaxed if you can manage some exercises. When your vision gets blurry, try rolling your eyes. You should blink your eyes for a few minutes, then close the eyes and roll clockwise and anti-clockwise. However, if you are not comfortable with rolling your eyes, then look at any object 20 feet away after 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Otherwise, simply close your eyes, do deep breathing and slowly open the eyes.

Food to take for healthy eye

Eat Healthy & Clean:

Along with the above tips, you should also plan your diet carefully for eye health. You should eat a healthy and clean diet. Include lots of green vegetables, citrus and dairy foods in your diet and food that is rich in Vitamin A, E and C. You can know more about the superfoods for better eye health from https://www.visionexpress.in/blog/supplement-your-meals-with-8-superfoods-for-a-better-eye-health/.

Nevertheless, if you face eye irritation and rubbing issues, then immediately consult certified optometrist or ophthalmologist. Even in an ideal situation, when you are not facing any eye concerns, you should consider going for regular eye examinations. It is advisable to get an eye test done at least once a year. If you are looking for a free eye checkup which is very comprehensive, then visit a Vision Express store near you. Besides, if you have been following some other eye care tips that will be useful to fellow bloggers and internet users, then share in comments below or the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

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