Eye Care Hacks For Indian Monsoons

Eye Care

After the long wait of 7 months, the Monsoon has arrived in several parts of India. It gives a complete treat to the eyes when you feel the bracing atmosphere and lush green nature around, but it also brings eye problems. In India, monsoon hits the southern region in the first week of June and it travels slowly towards the northern part along the west and east coastline. North Indians experience the first Monsoon showers by the end of June. Generally, many people across India aren’t aware of the right eye care and an ideal approach to use spectacles or sunglasses during this season. Understanding the right approach to eye care and eyewear in monsoons could be a great life hack to learn for many people. Especially if you travel often during rains, you ought to know everything about the right eye care.

Heavy Rainfall - Switch to Contact Lenses Women Spectacle Lenses

In most of the southern region, especially along the coastline, and the northeast part of India, the monsoon is always stormy and the atmosphere is dense with fog. As there is high water vapour content in the air during this season, the spectacles often get foggy thus hampering clear vision. Contacts, on the other hand, come in handy and very hassle-free to wear during rains as they are mostly not impacted by the moisture in the air. If you travel a lot and think carrying the lens kit is a trouble, then using daily disposable contact lens would be a wise decision to take. They are more comfortable and don’t get foggy in the dense rains. To take the right care of your eyes, have a look at the following points;

  1. Avoid sharing handkerchief and towels.
  2. Always wash your eyes with clean water.
  3. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants.
  4. Avoid contact with the person already affected by eye problems.
  5. Remove your contact lenses immediately if your eyes get itchy.
Moderate Rainfall - Gear-up with Water Repellent Coating Eyewear

Apart from the southern and northeast region, monsoon in most other parts of India is very moderate. The central zone of the country and parts of eastern region witness an average rainfall every year. Using water-repellent coating on your spectacles pretty much suffice during rainfalls. The coating does not let the moisture stick to the lenses and deter your vision.The hydrophobic coatings also increase the durability and life of your lenses.

Low Rainfall/Drizzles - Wear the Sunglass with pride Sunglasses for women

Rainfall in parts of western region, Deccan Plateau and some parts of North India, is a once in a blue moon thing. In most of these parts, it drizzles along with the bright sun and people enjoy having themselves under the ‘Sunshower’. In such weather conditions, sunglasses are the perfect gear to relish the phenomenon. It protects your eyes and keeps the dry as well as the muddy dust away.

To make your monsoon hassle free and delighting, Vision Express offers the right water repellent coatings, disposable contact lenses, and a wide range of cool sunglasses which gives you a blend of eye care and European styles. After all, the monsoon should be a treat to the eyes and make your soul rejoice. Happy Monsoon 🙂

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