Eye Care for Sports Enthusiasts

Eye Care

Eyes are the key asset in major sports including cricket, soccer, golf, racket sports, hockey, baseball and basketball. Sports require high degree of eye movement and attention to detail. If you are a sports enthusiast and have eye power, do not forget to take regular eye tests from a trusted optician. In addition to a clear vision, it is imperative that your eyes are healthy. Therefore, take the right care of your eyes by adding some eye exercises to your regular workout routine.

At Vision Express, we follow a comprehensive eye testing procedure, with internationally approved equipment to ensure accuracy in your eye examination.

Sports Vision and Eye Exercises


There are some ways in which you could support your eyes and continue to be comfortable while enjoying your sports activities. To start with, below are few eye exercises that may help you get a better vision whether you are playing sports wearing contact lenses or spectacles.

  1. Massage your eyelids for 1-2 min: Wash your hands and gently massage the eyelids in circular movements. It will help to improve the blood circulation of your eyes.
  2. Strengthen the focus of your eyes from near to farthest objects: Focus on any closer objects near you and just shift the focus to farthest objects. It strengthens the eye muscles and maintains a balanced vision. Practice zooming with your thumb or pen: Place your thumb or pen in the air and bring it closer till you have a clear focus on its tip. It is one of the best eye focusing exercise.
  1. Practice watching from the side of your eyes: To make your peripheral vision on point, try observing things without turning your head.

Just like our other muscles, eyes have muscles too. Practising certain eye exercises along with your daily fitness routine can maintain a balanced field of vision. The regular eye exercises can improve the peripheral vision, dynamic visual activity, and long distance focus. It also helps to circulate the energy in the iris and other eye nerves.

Contact Lens in Sports


Using contact lenses during sports & practice allows you to enjoy hassle free movements. They provide a good peripheral (side) vision and won’t bother your robust activity. Contact lenses provide stable vision in movements. To meet your eye care needs, Vision Express offers a wide range of basic and advanced contact lenses that give a clear visual experience.

The Robust Eyewear


The intensity of eye exposure may vary depending upon the sport activity. Your regular glasses do not offer the right protection for outdoor games. To bridge the gap between your eye protection and sport, we at Vision Express offer anti-slip Activ frames, exclusively built for your favourite urban sport and your agile lifestyle. Whether you are riding a bicycle on hills or skating on an obstacle free surface, Activ frames are perfect for all the sports enthusiasts. It has a thick grip and an ergonomic design that fits perfectly over your ears. Being an anti-slip frame, Activ frame is the most suitable one for your regular outdoor use even in the monsoon.

Considering the need of eye health and necessary eyewear in sports, we at Vision Express offer the best quality eye care options that help you with a clear vision during your play. Wearing eye wear according to your sports activities will surely help you score that home run, dunk the basketball, and hit that six!


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