Avoid Eye Infections, Stay Healthy

When the first rains of the season come down after a long, harsh summer, it not only quenches the parched earth but also brings respite to all our senses. Nothing compares to the simple joys of getting drenched in the first rain or feasting your eyes on the torrential downpour from your window while sipping on some hot chocolate.

The monsoon might bring many of us back to life, but let's not forget that it also brings with it many infectious diseases. Viral fevers are rampant and bacterial infections spread faster.

With the heavy monsoon rains and the germs and bacteria thriving everywhere in the atmosphere, our eyes also get more susceptible to infections. We are sharing some tips on how we can keep our eyes safe and protected from such infections this monsoon season.

How to prevent eye infections during monsoon? 2285612273

1) Always keep your eyes clean by splashing them with clean normal water 3-4 times a day, once after waking up in the morning and once before going to bed at night. The cold water keeps the germs away.

2) Ensure that you don't share personal items like hankerchiefs, hand towels, body towels, and tissues with anyone else. That is a definite way of getting infections.


3) Keep washing your hands, especially after you have come home from outside and definitely before meals.

4) If you wear contact lenses, then you need to wash your hands with antibacterial soap everytime you handle them. Change the solution in your contact lenses case daily without fail and keep the cases themselves clean at all times.

5) If you wear spectacles, then you need to keep their lenses clean by cleaning them with water and the spectacle cleaning cloth that was provided.


6) During monsoon, germs can breed anywhere, even on your trusted kohl or mascara stick. It's best to avoid applying them as much as possible. If you can't avoid it completely, then ensure that they are always properly sealed and covered, and not used by anyone else. You must also remember to take off all vestiges of eye makeup every day with the help of baby oil or good make up remover with some cottonwool.


7) Consuming more fruits that are high on antioxidants will promote good eye health. Eating all kinds of berries ensure further immunization of your eyes.

8) Wearing spectacles or sunglasses outside can limit the germs in the atmosphere from entering your eyes, to some extent.


9) Don't let rainwater directly enter your eyes. Avoid going out in the rain. If you must go out, always take shelter under an umbrella, even when it is just drizzling.

  What to do when you get eye infections during monsoon? 6944079041

1) Forget swimming pools or beaches for a few days. These are the places where dirty water can easily get into your eyes and aggravate your condition (whether you have conjunctivitis, stye or any other form of eye infection)

2) Do not resort to over-the-counter eye-drops or self-medication. Consult an ophthalmologist.

3) If you have a stye then apply hot compress with a warm, damp and clean towel.


4) Ensure that you don't irritate your eyes even more by staring for too long at a TV/computer screen/smart phone.


5) Avoid wearing contact lenses if your eyes do get infected.

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