Everyday Eye Stressors: How To Keep Strain At Bay


We live in an era where escaping from the “blue light” is next to impossible. Blue light is everywhere and we are exposed to it throughout – everyday. Sunlight is the main source of blue light but many manmade devices now act as a dominant source too, example indoor light, including fluorescent and LED lighting and flat-screen televisions, digital devices etc. Below activities are integral parts of life that we do without thinking twice. However, they may be silently contributing to the fatigue that you feel at the end of a day:

  • Writing
  • Reading without giving rest to eyes
  • Using digital devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets
  • Exposure to extremely bright or low-light conditions
  • Driving long distance
  • High dust and air pollution level


Any normal morning one does not wake up to any eye fatigue, headache or neck pain. Stress symptoms trigger in the course of the day when you come in exposure to the blue light emitting from different gadgets, increased pollution level and work stress. City lifestyle today is such that people end up spending a significant amount of their time driving to work, working in office buildings made of glass structures, doing a job on the computer screen, and binge-watching their favourite TV shows in the evening or reading a book on the e-reader. Even over the weekends, days start with watching the news on TV, often binge-watching a favourite series or movies and ends with partying at pubs where neon lights surround them. All this leads to exposure to blue light and UV lights, which aggravates this eye strain.

  • Office Environment-

    People are working in offices with artificial lights, air conditioning and computers, which is directly putting excess strain on the eyes. While the artificial lights and computers are emitting blue light, it is working in an air conditioned environment that is leading to dry eyes. Reading documents without the right prescription glasses or placing the laptop screen at the wrong distance is causing headaches. Besides, the glass structure of office buildings enables UV rays to pass through them, which is only further impacting their eyesight.
  • Gadget Use at Night -

    Lying in bed with lights off and staring at the smartphone or tablet screen is a common but a menacing scenario. It expands and makes the pupil enlarge, facilitating the maximum flow of blue light. This chronic exposure to blue light can lead to macular lesions.


  • Outdoor Aficionados& Nightlife-
    For those who swear by spending their time outdoors should know that the high dust and pollution levels and UV rays emitting from the sun are damaging to the eyes. The blue rays of the sun have shorter wavelengths and more energy, and the light that looks white has a major blue component. Avoid spending time directly under the sun between 8-10 am and 2-4 pm when you are at higher risk from the harmful UV rays and blue light wavelength. The party animals amongst us are also exposed to many a blue light stressor in the form of neon lights and pub lights in darkened surroundings. It’s best to be aware and take simple post exposure measures.


UV Blue Shield Protection by Vision Express

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