Contact Lens vs Eyeglasses

Contact Lenses

Picking the right companion for your eyes can be a tough choice. It has been debated for long and has left many confused. There is no clear winner in the tussle between the two because it is purely a matter of personal preference. Depending on your lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and style the choice could vary. However, before you get down to make a decision to choose one of these, remember to weigh their pros and cons with respect to clear vision, comfort and which one you find easy enough to use.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses could be the right choice for you if you are into exercising, playing sports, swimming and other outdoor activities that are not glasses friendly otherwise. If you are a dancer or into architecture restoration or an archeologist, contact lenses can have an advantage over eye glasses. Winters are also a great season for contact lenses over glasses as contacts don’t fog up. Since, they cover the curvature of the eye completely they reduce any obstructions or distortions in your field of vision allowing you to see clear and better.

Contacts come in various forms like hard, soft, extended-wear, disposables and multifocal. Depending on your need your optometrist will recommend from these. You can go in for a change in the eye colour with the help of coloured contact lenses. Check the range at Vision Express for superior quality, imported contact lenses in a variety of colours .

Since contacts cover your eye ball completely, hardly leaving any room for oxygen to pass through, they can lead to dryness. This makes it important to maintain contacts on daily basis by disinfecting, cleaning and storing them properly. You also need to replace them in time as recommended by the optometrist. If you wish to do away the daily cleaning part, go for daily disposable contacts that allow one-time wear and are relatively low maintenance.

Contact Lenses Accessories

Don't go off to bed with your contacts on as your eye tends to get dry and irritates when you wear them for long during the day. Also, keep an eye out for any discomfort that might be caused due to incorrect placement of the contact lenses. Sometimes, hard contacts could result in corneal abrasion, which is a scratch that is caused due to a foreign particle getting stuck under them. Always remember to carry a pair of spectacles as a backup just in case you happen to lose them.

Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses on the other hand are the most convenient, easy to use portable option over contacts. They suit all age groups and are a practical pick for a clear vision that comes along with great fashion! Rimless, cat eye, swarovski studded, bright and colourful there is no end to the plethora of designs available to choose from for frames that suit your face, style and persona! If you are worried that they may not be the right pick, if you are into sport activities and adventures, these days there are frames like Vision Express Activ that are specially designed to accompany you in most of the outdoor activities. For extremely high vision power, eyeglasses are recommended over contact lenses.

A quality pair of glasses could last you for several years. The latest European designer frames available at Vision Express are made of superior materials like titanium and handmade acetate that hardly need any maintenance other than time to time cleaning.

  Eyeglasses for Men & Women

With eyeglasses you need not worry about eye infections, dry eyes and even conjunctivitis because they allow plenty of oxygen to reach your eye and reduce the risk of any infection or irritation. However, with them you need to know one thing that your eyes take time to adjust to new prescription. If you find a perfectly fitting pair of frames, glasses are your eyes’ best friends for life!

So, which one would you pick the next time you are faced with a choice between the two? Let us know in comments!

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