Computer Vision Syndrome and its Countermeasures

eye and vision related issues People who spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen often experience some level of discomfort in their eyes. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a group of different eye and vision related issues that occur due to prolonged exposure to the harsh blue light that are emitted from all our digital devices like computers, laptops, digital TVs, smart phones and tablets, etc. Here we tell you about the causes and some handy countermeasures that will aid your eye health: What causes digital eye strain? Eye Strain The more you stare at your computer screen, the harder your eyes have to work to function properly. Most digital screens have visual properties that are extremely harsh for your eyes and makes them even more susceptible to vision-related disorders. When you are working on your computer, the vision angle and distance are quite different than in regular visual activities like reading a book. This results in varying eye focus or eye movements that can take a toll on your vision and cause eye strain. The biggest concern with exposure to various digital screens all day are the different brightness levels and harmful blue light rays the eyes have to adjust to. Digital screens like laptop, smart phones, tablets etc all emit blue light. They belong to the part of the light spectrum with shorter wavelength, which allows them to pass through the cornea and reach further to the back of your eye till the retina. Long exposure to blue light rays can cause damage to the retinal cells and speed up age-related macular degeneration of your eyes. Here are six ways you can practice to protect your eyes from CVS and strain? Nowadays, we need to actively take care of our eyes and protect them from the harmful effects of digital eye strain. Here are six ways that you can employ in life to ensure minimum strain to your eyes. 1. Blink Often how to reduce eye strain Studies show that staring at a computer screen tends to dry up our eyes, because of infrequent blinking. When we blink, our tear ducts release tears and a lubricant that moisturizes our eyes and reduces their strain. We must consciously try to blink while on the computer or other digital devices. This prevents eye fatigue. 2. Follow the 20-20-20 rule Eye sight The 20-20-20 rule is very important for healthy vision, especially for those spending long working hours in the office, in front of a computer or a laptop. The rule states that after 20 minutes of working on your computer, you should look up and stare at a spot which is 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. This helps in relaxing the muscles of your eyes and reduces eye strain. 3. Have proper lighting eye problems Bad lighting can increase the strain on your eyes if your work requires you to be staring at a computer screen. The digital glow of the screen in the middle of a dark room aggravates the strain on your eyes. It is advisable to keep your desk light shining on your desk and not on your face. Windows should be on the side, instead of behind you or the computer. Manage the glare from your computer by getting anti-glare screens. At Vision Express, you can get your spectacle lenses coated with special anti-reflection coating which helps minimise the harsh glare effect emitted by these digital devices. Lesser glare means lower eyestrain. 4. Maintain the correct viewing distance eye issues Your computer screen should be at an optimum distance of at least 20 inches from your eyes. Adjust your computer screen so that the centre is about 4 to 6 inches below your eyes and you’re looking downwards at it. Screen settings should be adjusted to allow optimum brightness and contrast and minimum disruptions. 5. Vision Express Blue Shield Spectacle Lenses Eye blurry Getting your spectacle lenses fitted with specialized Vision Express Blue Shield lenses will help keep out the harmful blue light rays from your digital devices and protect your eyes. These specialized spectacle lenses can protect your vision even when you don’t have power. 6. Regular eye tests eye test The increasing digitisation of our work places contributes to increased eye fatigue. Regular eye tests are a must to identify any signs of vision impairment. Book a free eye test appointment at any of the 150+ Vision Express stores all over India and experience the European 6-step comprehensive eye test.

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