Children’s Day: 5 Amazing Eye Care Activities for You & Your Kids

Are you thinking of ways of making this 14th November special for your little munchkin? Well, let’s help you celebrate with your little ones in a fun and unique style that will strengthen your bond further.

Children develop their sense of sight as they grow. They are most vulnerable during the first seven to eight years when their vision is still developing. It is during this time that they start reading, writing, using computers and other gadgets more often. As children grow up, they face increasing demand for their visual abilities. The time spent reading and studying increases, and font size in books start reducing. Besides, the exposure to and use of gadgets also increases the pressure on a child’s eyes.  

Quite often, they are unable to express their difficulties. So, this children’s day we share with you some awesome activities that will strengthen their vision, eye muscles and help you detect eye concerns if any.

The Rotation Challenge

The Rotation Challenge: Let your child rotate their eyes in the clockwise direction for a few seconds, repeat the same in anti-clockwise direction after a pause. This needs to be repeated four to five times. Ask your child to take up this challenge of rotating their eyes every day if he or she has weak eyesight. 

Fun with a Pencil: Give a pencil to your kid and make them hold the pencil at arms-length and focus on it. Then, let the child bring the pencil closer to the nose. Now, ask them to move the pencil farther from the eyes until the child can no longer focus on it. If feasible, try to get this exercise done from your little one 9 to 10 times. This exercise is useful in strengthening the child’s eye muscles and focus. You can also try it in case of weak eye muscles in toddlers.  

Let’s Blink

Let’s Blink: It is one of the best exercises for dry eyes. You can prevent the tendency from developing and overcome the condition of dry eyes with blinking activity. For this, let the child blink the eyes rapidly at least 20 to 30 times at a go. After performing this exercise, closing and resting the eyes for some time is helpful. If your child has dry eyes concern, then doing this exercise twice every day can prove beneficial.

Exercise with the Sun: Take your child out under the sun when it is shining bright. Ask the kid to close the eyelids and allow the sun to shine on the closed eyelids. It is essential to ensure that the kid breathes deeply while performing this exercise. Let the child practice it for a few minutes daily.

Let’s Oscillate: Hook a ball to a string or shoelace and hang it in a way that it is even with your child’s nose. Swing the ball and ask your child to observe the oscillating ball. When the child follows the movement of the ball from side to side, it is good for the eyes and its muscles. You can do this exercise differently, as well. You can ask your child to throw the ball from the right hand and catch on the left side and watch the movement of the ball. It is vital that the child throws the ball at eye level and blinks the eyes each time the child catches the ball.

Follow the above tips and make your child practice these exercises too. It will go a long way in keeping the eyes healthy. These are ideal for children of all age groups. If you can practice some of these exercises with your kids every day, it will help them take up these healthy habits for life, and you can spend some quality time with them.

Along with the above tips, it is advisable for children to

  • Blink the eyes periodically.
  • Avoid reading from books, laptop or smartphone while travelling.
  • Do not read in bright or dim lights. You should maintain optimum lighting and ensure they read from a distance. 
  • Please ensure that they do not stay up late at night as they might strain their eyes to look at objects in the dark, which is bad for the eyes.
  • Regulate the screen time. Try to limit screen time, i.e. staring at the television and mobile screen only for up to 30 minutes every day.  
  • Cook healthy treats with green leafy vegetables and fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty acids.

In addition to following the above tips, take them for regular eye check-ups. Such means can go a long way in keeping your child’s vision healthy, which is indispensable for them to learn efficiently and excel in life. Let’s pledge eye care for you and your children this Children’s Day. Every vision is precious, and every eyesight counts.

Happy Children’s Day!

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