Cancer and Vision Changes

Cancer and vision changes

Eye cancer or cancer treatments are known to cause changes in the vision. It can either cause a blurry vision or even lead to a complete vision loss. That’s why it becomes important to learn the symptoms of vision changes and what causes them in the case of cancer.

Cancer causes vision changes when:

  • One is diagnosed with eye cancer or retinoblastoma
  • Cancer spreads to the surrounding areas of the eye like the orbit
  • Cancer from any other part of the body reaches the eye
  • One undergoes radiation therapy for the head
  • One undergoes a surgery on or around the eye
Cancer test  

It is wise to go for regular eye check-ups in order to be able to detect that the vision changes being caused are due to cancer. One may experience the following symptoms which may vary depending on their cause and some other factors.

  • Everything seems blurry to the eye
  • Radiation therapy leading to cataract
  • Problem in judging the distance between objects
  • Affected peripheral vision
  • Feeling loss of balance
  • Hallucination
Eye check-up  

If you feel any of these symptoms getting severe consult your doctor immediately.

 Coping with vision changes due to cancer

 You might have to take certain steps while dealing with the visual changes that would impact your daily life. Consult your optometrist to decide whether to go for contacts or glasses depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Control the light in your room as too much of it can cause a glare.

 If reading gets troublesome, consider using your phone recorder to record important information that you might find difficult to memorize otherwise like shopping lists, contact numbers, addresses etc. Listening to audio books and reading from large text ones is also an alternative.

Use keyboards with big print keys and increase the font size on your laptop and mobile phone for easy read. There apps and software available that read out to you from the screen and that let you operate the device with your voice commands. Learning Braille is another important option that would be of great help in case of vision loss.


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