Busting Myths Around Sunglasses and Rains

The southwest monsoon is here! After much delay and slow progression, it is now covering the entire country and giving a respite from the scorching heat. It is giving you a chance to step out and enjoy the breeze, go for those long drives and make the most of the lovely season. However, in monsoon, do you step out without your power sunglasses? Do you think sunglasses can provide protection only against the summer sun? Well, read on to bust the many myths around sunglasses and rains to help take care of your eyes this season.

protective sunglasses

Myth 1: Wear Sunglasses Only When it is Sunny Outside!

The ultra-violet radiations are present on a cloudy day and can be equally harmful as on a sunny day. These harmful UV rays always go hand in hand with daylight irrespective of the season. Besides, after the rain stops, the sun shines bright in most parts of the country except some parts of India where there is a phenomenon of incessant rains. Further, whether it is sunshine or cloudy, the water reflects a small amount of UV radiation, which is harmful to the human eye. So, wearing protective sunglasses when it is cloudy outside is essential. If you are living in a sandy area or near a beach, there is high exposure to incident UV rays if the sky is covered in clouds.

polarised sunglasses

Myth 2: Don’t Wear Sunglasses When Driving in the Rain!

It is yet another myth around sunglasses. Instead, you should give sunglasses a try to enjoy your drive during the rainy season. During a downpour, whether it is sunny or not, you can have a tough time driving despite using the windshield wipers on the highest speed. A pair of polarised sunglasses can help you benefit with a perfect view. They can block the horizontal components of reflected light, giving you a precise, brighter and better view.

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Myth 3: Sunglasses are Only a Style Statement!

Sunglasses add to your monsoon ensemble. However, they do come with protective qualities and can safeguard your eyes against many infections, which are common during the monsoon season. Conjunctivitis, eye irritation and itchiness are some of the common eye concerns. When you wear sunglasses, it works as a protective shield by preventing direct eye contact with the person suffering from these infections.

With a new wardrobe for the new season, you can get new sunglasses too. They are a must-have during the rainy season when your eyes continue to get exposed to harmful UV rays, bacteria and infections. You can beat the grey weather with colourful clothes and sunglasses to look and feel great. Explore a range of sunglasses in different shapes, sizes and colours at a Vision Express store near you. Along with fashion, we take your eye care very seriously. You can also get prescription sunglasses with UV protection and take complete care of your eyes this monsoon season.

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